Young Jean Lee's Untitled Feminist Show, produced last weekend at On the Boards, featured six performers, each of whom was completely naked. This led to supplementary entertainments at On the Boards' box office, where employees were sporadically approached by jittery men inquiring about "the naked lady show." "Not to be rude or crude or anything, but I heard that you are having a performance where there is a large naked woman onstage—is that false advertising?" asked one such visitor, to which OTB box office queen Erin Jorgensen responded, "Nope. We do that stuff here."

Ride the scenic gondola and meet Mt. Rainier face to face this summer at Crystal Mountain.
The summit is home to Washington State’s highest elevation restaurant, with elevated food and views.

• Speaking of nudity, the first-ever 'Mo-Wave, a queer music and art festival, kicked off last weekend at Velocity Dance Center with a dance showcase curated by Andrew Bartee called Deviance in Motion. Among the deviant delights: two men calling themselves Salami Bros. in a "slowest naked" contest (neither had eaten in 24 hours, and under the rules of the performance, they had to be in the act of continuously removing their clothing, the loser being the one who was fully naked first, the winner getting a slice of pizza). Other freaky pleasures: Cherdonna and Lou playing with knives, Matt Drews and Ariana Bird romping around topless and in fishnets, an incesty female duo involving corn syrup, and a captivating performance by Velocity star Kate Wallich. The rest of 'Mo-Wave is this weekend. Go! (See page 39.)

• Some scandalized whispering is in the air among theater folks about the fact that Breedlove—a NYC-based singer who is composing Intiman's big summer musical, Stu for Silverton, about the popular trans mayor of a tiny Oregon town—can't read music or play the piano. Instead, he hums out melodies for someone else to transcribe. While that is unusual, and might be a bad omen, it's worth remembering that Mel Brooks used the same method to "compose" songs for The Producers.

• Seattle International Film Festival's opening-night film will be Joss Whedon's adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, and Whedon, Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, and Clark Gregg will be in attendance. This hot nerd injection could put some much-needed life into SIFF's traditionally stodgy opening-night party.

• Whitman Middle School's production last weekend of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory bucked tradition by featuring a female in the lead role of Charlie Bucket. However, after wowing Friday's crowd, she fell down a flight of stairs, and her sprained ankle threatened to derail Saturday's show. But the young actress would not be deterred, maneuvering herself through Saturday's show on a pair of crutches and lending even more pathos to the plight of poor young Charlie. Brava!

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• Rick Simonson of Elliott Bay Book Company is serving as a judge in the fiction category of this year's National Book Awards. Other judges on the panel include Charles Baxter and Gish Jen.

• The winner of Worst Pun at this year's Edible Book Festival was a single potato chip in a bowl full of greenish powder. Yes: A Pringle in Thyme. Fuck the haters. recommended