• Seattle's hardest-working showbiz star, Jerick Hoffer, best known to TV and Twitter fans as Jinkx Monsoon, got roaring standing ovation after roaring standing ovation on Sunday night at Cornish Playhouse for The Vaudevillians. It centers around yet another fucking brilliant drag creation of Hoffer's: an old-time gal named Kitty Witless who's recently been unfrozen from an accident involving an avalanche and a lot of cocaine. Much like the beloved and defunct New York City drag act Kiki & Herb, The Vaudevillians features hilarious reinterpretations of pop hits. Unlike Kiki & Herb, The Vaudevillians features Hoffer doing a handstand in the lap of an audience member. After the first of two shows in a single night, Hoffer was seen backstage hugging his brother, his mother, his aunt, and his grandmother and telling them, "I have to go to Akron, Ohio, in the morning"—it's the start of the Absolut Drag Race Tour. After the tour, he'll frantically race home to do a concert version of Hairspray at 5th Avenue Theater and Freedom Fantasia at the Triple Door before flying across the country again to make his New York City debut in a 17-show run of The Vaudevillians.

• Congratulations to Seattle filmmaker Shawn Telford, whose debut feature BFE is one of six American films accepted into the Champs-Elysées Film Festival's US in Progress program, wherein a handful of independent films in postproduction are screened by a judging panel of European buyers, distributors, and producers, with the winner given a full Euro-release fun-pack, including digital postproduction, subtitles, and promotion. Good luck, Shawn!

• First-year UW MFA student Rebecca Chernow is presenting a four-week investigation of systems of exchange in the lobby of the Henry Art Gallery. She's been fabricating a fiat currency, accepting objects for barter, and gilding anything not nailed down. She's also, incidentally, created a microeconomy that may or may not allow visitors to legally acquire cannabis.

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• At 8 p.m. last Sunday, the Capitol Hill branch of Half Price Books closed its doors for the very last time. In August, Spine and Crown Books on Pine Street will close. Twice Sold Tales—love ya, Jamie!—is the highest-profile used bookseller on Capitol Hill again. And still, Elliott Bay Book Company refuses to carry used books, because they apparently love leaving money on the table.

• Last week, a Los Angeles independent bookseller said he received a call from Amazon.com asking if he would consider selling Amazon's Kindle e-readers. The bookseller politely refused. Now other independent booksellers (local and otherwise) have reported to The Stranger that they, too, have gotten calls from Amazon about selling e-readers in their stores. As always, Amazon refuses to comment one way or the other, but it's hard to imagine what the online bookseller's game plan would be: They've spent years marginalizing independent bookstores, and now they want indies to sell the very devices that many former booksellers claim put them out of business? Well, bless their little hearts. recommended

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