Bumbershoot 2013 has finally announced its comedy lineup. And boy does Bumbershoot love funny men. Patton Oswalt returns, along with weirdo Todd Barry, pothead Doug Benson, and former Seattleite Reggie Watts. Tim "The Ladies Man" Meadow, Joe Mande, Matt Besser, Kyle Dunnigan, and Jerrod Carmichael will also be performing, and the Vera Project's stage will be dedicated to Northwest-based hilarity. There will be some funny ladies, too—four, in fact: Morgan Murphy, Natasha Leggero, Emily Heller, and Julie Klausner (with special guest Ted Leo! Eeee!). Hooray for a good, funny lineup, but more ladies next year, please!

• HONK! Fest honked out all weekend, with marching bands making people happy all over town. Friday night Georgetown highlights included Sound Wave doing Macklemore, with a lady wearing Day-Glo orange REALLY enjoying it, and a deafeningly awesome battle of the bands between Portland's Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers and the Seahawks Blue Thunder Drumline. Verdict on the battle: Blue Thunder was more fun, but LRSD is who we'll want out in front when the revolution comes.

• Saturday night was the private opening for The Western Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off the Mother, Heather Hart's new installation at the Olympic Sculpture Park, which officially opens Thursday. The piece is a house rooftop jutting out of the hillside. To celebrate, Amelia Love Clearhart climbed up on the roof—as everyone is invited to do—and sang the classic Al Jarreau tune that goes, "Does anyone wanna go dance up on the roof?" Despite her best efforts to get people to shake it, the famous Seattle stoniness was in full effect. Pointing at her own awesome ass, she asked the crowd, "Do you have one of these?"

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• Are you interesting? Do you dig On the Boards? Do you want to be one of OtB's new "interesting-person" ambassadors? The idea of the Ambassador Project is to bust the bonds of insularity and assemble five three-person teams to call some shots at OtB, including curating, artist interviews (onstage and on the website), and parties. On the Boards is looking for all kinds of folks: programmers, DJs, sculptors, musicians, graphic designers, architects, editors, photographers, rappers, gamers, vinters and distillers, and other people who grapple with aesthetic issues on a day-to-day basis. See ontheboards.org for full info.

TEDxSeattle, the regional version of the international inspiring-speeches phenomenon, was a mixed bag at Seattle Center last weekend. Several of the "great ideas" were neither new nor interesting takes on the old ("Hi! I'm a guy who believes in green buildings because nature is sexy!"). It was a weird mix of not-rigorous and self-important. Speakers are required to attend three training sessions; afterward, one said, "They make you feel like it's the most important thing you're ever going to do." A highlight was photographer Matika Wilbur, who introduced her Project 562, documenting all 562 federally recognized tribes, with stories of racism, genocide, and hope. When Wilbur finished, telegenic host Jenni Hogan, unbelievably, called Wilbur "adorable." recommended