• Seattle performer and 2004 Genius Award winner Sarah Rudinoff appeared in her underwear in a Dutch newspaper earlier this week, under a headline that looked like "A Bizarre Shit Party" but in fact translated to "A Bizarre Shooting Party." Rudinoff is performing in Clay Duke, a reenactment of a school-board shooting directed by Dayna Hanson that premiered at Holland's Noorderzon Festival. Rudinoff looks great in underwear.

Judge Doug North, a Proponent of Diverting Non-Violent First-Time Offenders into Treatment Programs, is Endorsed by The Stranger
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Paid for by Committee to Reelect Judge North, P.O. Box 27113, Seattle, WA 98165

First Date is the new original musical that had its world premiere in early 2012 at Seattle's ACT Theater (in a coproduction with the 5th Avenue Theater). Last week, First Date officially opened on Broadway. After a meaner-than-usual review in the New York Times, the show might not be long for this world. The distinguishing characteristics of Charles Isherwood's first date with First Date: "An instant lack of rapport; a growing aversion as the minutes pass; a mysterious sense that time has suddenly stopped; a desperate hope that the apocalypse will arrive, preferably right this minute." Condolences to all.

• This isn't arts gossip, it's just reality: There is a Jimi Hendrix chalk/pastel drawing, framed and showing on the walls of Cupcake Royale on Pike. Nonironically, brand-new, in the style of what every single Jimi Hendrix drawing has looked like for the last 45 years.

• Last week's Night of Genius visual art showcase at the Frye Art Museum was standing room only, with latecomers relegated to drinking in the Frye's lovely courtyard instead. Nights of Genius involve the finalists for The Stranger's 2013 Genius Awards showing their stuff and taking questions, followed by drinking and more questioning at Vito's; however, the remaining two Nights (literature and performance) are sold out (yay! Boo!). Meet us at Vito's around 8 p.m. on August 14 and 21, or we'll see you at the 11th annual Genius Awards at the Moore on September 28 ($10 at strangertickets.com)!

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• Author Ryan Boudinot will hold two informational sessions about applying to make Seattle a UNESCO City of Literature, where he'll seek help from interested parties. The sessions are September 9 at 7 p.m. at Hugo House and September 23 at 6:30 p.m. at the Central Library. If you care about Seattle's literary scene, you should pledge right now to attend one of those meetings.

• Prepping for a new generation of happy, nonimprisoned pipe smokers who also appreciate art, the Center on Contemporary Art is calling flamework artists to submit works for a group show this fall. The show will be titled Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe: Northwest Flameworking on the Brink of Legalization (the Magritte reference suggests you need a slight conceptual bent). Visit cocaseattle.org/submission.php. recommended

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