• A Budget rental truck containing seven paintings by Whiting Tennis was stolen early last Thursday morning from the parking lot at the Holiday Inn Express at Aurora and 145th. Greg Kucera Gallery is offering a reward for the art's return. Kucera doesn't believe the thieves took the truck to get the art. The truck was found in West Seattle on Sunday morning, according to SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson, but the art was not in it. "The question is now, what do they do to the art?" Kucera said. If you have information, call Greg Kucera Gallery at 624-0770.

Judge Doug North, a Proponent of Diverting Non-Violent First-Time Offenders into Treatment Programs, is Endorsed by The Stranger
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• Meanwhile, Rodrigo Valenzuela, the visual artist who won a Stranger Genius Award this year, was robbed while sleeping in a house in Costa Rica, where he's working on a new project. The thieves took four MacBooks, three iPhones, both of Valenzuela's cameras (5D and Pentax 67), all his gear, memory cards, credit cards, passport, and green card—"all of my worldly possessions, as well as my livelihood." He is dreading crossing borders back to the United States. (And police response in Costa Rica has been underwhelming, he said.) To restart his project Maria TV—"an experimental video/soap opera centered around Latina domestic workers (nannies, maids)" mixing interviews and reenactments by real workers with TV and film representations—he has an Indiegogo campaign. Donate at indiegogo.com/projects/maria-tv.

• There were 120 canines in the audience at closing night of The Hound of the Baskervilles at Seattle Rep. Seconds into the show, the sight of a man in the dark holding a lantern immediately set the dogs barking—and the barking lasted a good two minutes. One actor had to turn his back to the audience to conceal his laughter. Gunfire, stage fighting, thunder, and howling-dog sound effects produced similar results. It was the third such Dogs' Night Out the theater has hosted. And it was amazing.

• Rumor has it SIFF could be moving into the Egyptian Theater sometime in 2014, if talks with Seattle Central Community College continue as they're going now. Fingers crossed!

• The acclaim train keeps chugging for Bob Nelson, the former Almost Live! cast member whose script for Alexander Payne's Nebraska was nominated last week for a Golden Globe for best screenplay. Stay tuned, as we'll be covering this story until Nelson is clasping a golden statuette.

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• Excellent local poet Kim-An Lieberman, a finalist for a Stranger Genius Award in 2009, passed away last week at the age of 39. She will be missed. A scholarship to the Evergreen School is established in her name; donate at kalscholarship.com.

Peter O'Toole, legendary actor and alcoholic, died after a long disease of some kind. He will be remembered for his performances in Lawrence of Arabia and The Lion in Winter and for providing definitive proof that human ears never stop growing. recommended

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