• Last week, King Ed Murray—sorry, Mayor Murray—continued his pattern of replacing people who are doing a perfectly good job by letting go James Keblas, director of Seattle's Office of Film + Music. (Asking Murray to explain other similar changes has only resulted in being patted on the head and told This Is How Government Works.) Keblas is replaced by Kate Becker, a Vera Project mainstay who seems lovely, but filmmakers and actors are not pleased. Award-winning directors Lynn Shelton and Megan Griffiths spoke out and signed a Change.org petition that had 1,231 signatures at press time. "I am dismayed and saddened and shocked," Shelton said. Murray remained royally silent.

• Everybody who saw The Room Nobody Knows at On the Boards last weekend said it was stark raving mad and unlike anything they'd ever seen before. The play by Japanese former psychiatrist Kuro Tanino involved kings, devils, math, chess, PENISES, alter egos, birds, sibling rivalry, PENISES, asexuality, homosexuality, heterosexuality, PENISES, societal pressure to succeed, MAN-ON-MAN WRESTLING, jealousy, identity, death, thunderstorms, flute playing, fellatio, PENISES, and outer space. Too bad it was one-weekend-only.

• Stranger Genius Rebecca Brown is HUGE in Belgium! Belgian scholar Lies Xhonneux's doctoral thesis on Brown, Literary Subversions of Homonormalization, is coming out as a book from Cambria Press on March 28. It's the first book-length analysis of Brown's writing. Brown secretly finds the publisher's repeated description of her obscurity hilarious. According to Cambria's promo page, Brown is "'the great secret of American letters'... a writer's writer... working in the shadows for the past thirty years." Meanwhile, we love your shadowy shadow, Rebecca Brown. Come on over and subvert our homonormalization anytime.

• In other homo love news, last week at WET's Six Pack reading series, Yoshiko Rhodes performed a story about meeting her girlfriend at a previous Six Pack nine months ago (starring Quinn Franzen in a wig as the girlfriend). Rhodes punctuated her story by proposing onstage to said girlfriend, and the answer was yes. Cheers!

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ZAPP—the Zine Archive and Publishing Project—is the nation's biggest zine library, but its future appears to be entirely up in the goddamned air. At this moment, ZAPP is preparing to leave the Hugo House, meaning you have only three days left to visit (Feb 12, 13, 15). When you go, ask them why they're closing up shop without a public plan for reopening.

• Promising news for Intiman's 20th-anniversary revival of Tony Kushner's epochal AIDS drama Angels in America: Costumes will be designed by Mark Mitchell (creator of the Frye's recent smash Burial), and the role of the set-exploding angel will be filled by powerhouse (and Stranger Genius) Marya Sea Kaminski. recommended