A falafel sandwich is always messy. Fitting two or three golf ball–sized falafel wads into a flat sandwich is an instant recipe for tahini down your chin. Samir's Mediterranean Grill in the University District has the answer to this problem. Somehow, Samir is able to wrap his falafels completely closed. Not only that, they're crisp and soft at the same time—often a problem for falafel, which is either fried too hard or too soft. Samir loads his sandwiches up with lettuce and tomato and parsley and he always asks if you want onions and hot sauce (you do). If you go for a meat sandwich (shawarma, shish kebab, kafka), you can watch him grill it up in front of you. He's got People magazines to indulge you while you wait, but you won't have to wait long. There's also a classically bad mural on the wall. Oh, and the sandwiches cost $3.50. Way <10.

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