Pike Place Market's Crumpet Shop is tiny, but somehow utterly calming. Sure, it's a crumpet shop, and crumpets trump doughnuts any day of the week, but don't be afraid to stray from the eponymous. If you're here in the morning, enjoy your latte with a steaming, sweet bowl of groats—they're sort of like a whole-wheat oatmeal—rich, nutty, and delicious. If you're here for lunch, you can get a gooey, melty, delicious crumpet with pesto, tomato, and Parmesan, and a bottomless cup of tea with a free refill, for the same price as a hard, tasteless scone and drip coffee from Starbucks. Then there's the infamous green eggs and ham crumpet. The crumpets are crisp on the bottom, chewy and rich in the middle, and so warm and soft you want to fall asleep on them. Finally there's dessert. The toppings span from simple maple butter to my favorite: Nutella and ricotta. And none of 'em cost more than $5. Yum.

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