If you need a lot of calories for your money, fried food is the way to go. Starch and protein, lovingly fried, will fill you up nearly as quickly and cheaply as PBR through a funnel. Northwest Fish & Chips is probably not the best fish 'n' chips joint in Seattle, but I bet it does give you the most fried for your money. The portions here are exceedingly generous—$4.99 gets you two big pieces of fish, a mound of fries, a few hush puppies, and some coleslaw. The fish is oddly battered in what appears to be the Japanese panko version of breadcrumbs, rather than the more traditional flour. It's light and crispy and kind of good... but mainly it's just a lot of food. More tasty, but slightly less filling, are the fish tacos (two for $6.99, with fries). Pop a Tums and jump right in.