1. "Onion in my pocket like the booty on a midget/Diamond on my rollie, teach a n*gga how to fridge it."

2. "I got them penis poems for your vagina monologues/Love a feminist bitch, oh—it get my dick hard."

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3. "My feng shui so abstract like Picasso on the lean/Got purple lung and purple tongue, been coughing up codeine."

4. "My bald dad is way too fucking cool for a toupee/My little brother won't stop playing NBA-2K/My girl says I should make some real hiphop, like Lupe/And stop saying 'you bitch' in every song—touché!"

5. "Intro my floor to your lady's knees/Always on tour 'cause I'm making cheese/Michigan in February is eight degrees/And the fans waiting outside could maybe freeze."

6. "I wanna apologize to my old friend for hookin' up with his girlfriend/And I don't wanna get denied from a club for the color of my boy's skin."

7. "Reunited, double LP, we're all excited/Struck a match to the underground, industry ignited/From metaphorical parables to fertilize the earth/Wicked n*ggaz come, try to burglarize the turf."

8. "Take first place in a pageant like JonBenét/Be found in the basement dead the next day/Choke her best friend with a jawbreaker, perhaps/A valedictorian shot-gunning the Pabst."

9. "Paint a picture like a young Pablo Picasso/N*ggaz say, 'Live fast, die young,' so I drive slow."

10. "I just wanna smoke my weed and drink some of my fifth/They ask me why I am a dawg, I say, 'Well, life's a bitch.'"


B. ScHoolboy Q

C. Sam Lachow

D. Jarv Dee

E. Grayskul

F. J. Cole

G. Wu-Tang Clan

H. Danny Brown

I. G-Eazy

J. Aer

ANSWER KEY: 1. = ScHoolboy Q, 2. = Danny Brown, 3. = ILLFIGHTYOU, 4. = Sam Lachow, 5. = Aer, 6. = G-Easy, 7. = Wu-Tang Clan, 8. = Grayskul, 9. = J. Cole, 10. = Jarv Dee