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There are a million bands out there making more music every year than anybody could possibly listen to (meme credit to Robert Christgau). That means you're going to have to do better than just your name on a T-shirt if you want people to look twice at your merch table, let alone listen to your record. As much as your music, merch brands your band, so boil down your vibe to its essence. Here's a look at some of The Stranger's favorite pieces of band merch to give you some ideas:

Saturday Knights Coloring Book You can't get much more colorful than the Saturday Knights, but this rainy-day fun book, printed on high-quality bond paper, lets you try.

!!! Slip Mats With these on your turntables, people know there's about to be a dance party.

Ratatat Foam Hands Nothing says micro-arena rock or "We're number one!" like a novelty foam hand.

Locust "Coke Mirrors" I thought these were too small to actually do coke off of, but the one I, um, borrowed from a friend appears to have actual residue on it...

Adult. Playing Cards Get it? "Adult." playing cards! Seriously though, these are cheap to make, and everyone likes playing cards.

Murder City Devils Drink Coasters Just because you're punk as fuck doesn't mean you want unsightly stains on your furniture.