A bout 800 different story lines happen throughout the gorgeously animated film Mia and the Migoo, but the gist of the film is DON'T FUCK UP THE EARTH, OKAY? And that's a great lesson to teach the kids! Take care of the world we have and the creatures on it, no matter how strange, scary, or mean they can be.

Mia is like Dora the Explorer with better hair and a bigger vocabulary. After having a nightmare that something terrible has happened, she sets out to find her papa, who had to move hundreds of miles away from Mia to find work (not-really-spoiler-alert: Something terrible has happened to him).

Meanwhile, a greedy hotel developer named Jekhide is attempting to build a giant hotel in the middle of a gorgeous and mysterious location. His development is halted when (a) one of the tunnels to his secluded property collapses (which happens to collapse while Mia's dad is inside, hence Mia's premonition that he needed help) and (b) they discover giant, not-human footprints. MONSTERS!

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While Jekhide and his son Aldrin (who hates his dad, by the way, because Jekhide is not only an asshole but also a terrible father) set out to destroy these mystery monsters (the Migoos), Mia is making friends with the strange creatures and learning all the wonderful secrets about the land. But will Jekhide learn these secrets, too, before he kills everything and everyone in the name of money?! (It's a kids' movie, so it shouldn't surprise you that the answer is probably yes.)

It's a beautiful film with a relaxed pace. My only complaint is that some of the story lines are unnecessary—without the filler, there could be more time for the Migoos, which are fantastic. They pick their noses and bicker (and the main Migoo is voiced by Wallace Shawn—yay!). They can grow HUGE or they can be shattered into little tiny Migoos that squeak and scramble around the ground. They're great! We want MORE MIGOOS!