Koreans have an odd sense of humor (see “Gangnam Style”). It’s usually a goofy oversaturation of pop-culture references from all over the globe that don’t always mesh together (see also any K-pop music video by any Korean pop star). Miami Connection, made back in 1987 by a Korean director—martial arts guru, ninth-degree-black-belt-haver, and star of the film Y. K. Kim—is no exception. If you think you like B movies (it’s sooo bad, it’s good!) or think you know a fair amount about grindhouse, YOU NEED TO SEE THIS. What a fabulous fucking disaster! This movie is extra-triple-cheesy and so deliciously weird, involving a kung-fu-practicing Florida synth rock group; a motorcycle-riding, cocaine-dealing, sword-wielding band of Japanese ninjas; and cameos by a real Florida biker gang (complete with scooter-trashin’ biker chicks who keep showing you their tits)—plus a terrible amount of Troma-film-style violence and a video-game soundtrack. It all adds up to this magical cultural document. It’s kind of what I always wished that TV show Miami Vice was, but Don Johnson was just way too American. recommended

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