Dear monorail supporters: Stop making me pay for your lame ideas. My car-tab fees this year have more than doubled because I have to pay $133 for the monorail that I voted against and that I will never use. Good thing I have seven weeks to save up to pay it. Too bad other items on the budget will lose some of their funding. Perhaps I should take public transportation to save money... except I'll still have to pay the monorail tax just for owning a car. Guess I could sell the car and take the monorail--oh, wait, the monorail won't be available until 2007. On top of that, I work on the Eastside, where the fucking monorail won't go! I could take the bus and enjoy its slow, crowded, uncomfortable atmosphere, full of self-righteous pricks who don't understand personal space and stinky hippies who think that hygiene is optional. Not to mention the multiple transfers and the two-hour, one-way travel time. Four hours a day, five days a week--that's a fucking part-time prison sentence, not a commute. Yeah, I'll pay $133 a year to keep myself out of that particular jail. But I damn sure won't be supporting any future projects that cost me money and offer no benefit in return. If you want cheap transportation, get a fucking bike. If you want to reduce traffic congestion, support telecommuting, grocery delivery, and UPS. Stop making me pay for your "progressive" ideas that only benefit a small part of the population.