102 Dalmatians
dir. Kevin Lima
Opens Wed Nov 22 at the Metro.

102 DALMATIANS is almost as good as 101 Dalmatians. 102 Dalmatians was really funny but pretty boring, because it seemed really long. The parts that were good were really good, but the parts that were bad were really bad. For example, the movie wasn't very exciting because almost half of it was dating and talking about stupid stuff.

102 Dalmatians reminds us of Oliver & Company because the dogs in both movies act like humans. We loved it when the dog that drools a lot rented a movie and put it in the VCR all by himself, then all the dogs watched it amusingly just like humans. One of our favorite characters is Oddball the Dalmatian, who doesn't have spots and is so cute. Also, we like Waddlesworth the parrot, who thinks he is a rottweiler; he thinks he is a rottweiler so much that he is convinced he can't fly.

Glenn Close was very good as Cruella--she acted really evil in this movie because she wants to exterminate the poor little puppies. In the beginning, Cruella was nice, but she turned evil once she remembered about the spotted Dalmatians and wanted to make them into fur coats. Most of the actors besides Glenn Close were corny, because everything they said you knew they were going to say, and they said it in a fake way.

In this movie it seemed like there was only about 50 dogs, even though the name of the movie is 102 Dalmatians. All you saw were about 20 dogs escaping up the stairs, a few more dogs nursing, and a couple dogs helping the 20 dogs escape. We would have liked it better if we saw more dogs in the movie.

At a press screening you can win prizes. A little girl in front of us kept screaming because she didn't win a prize, and that was pretty annoying. During the movie she said "I hate you!" to her mom. Her mom looked pretty fed up.

At the end, Cruella De Vil got arrested and Oddball got his spots. It would be boring if Oddball had spots at the beginning. It would have been better if it was a suspenseful ending, and Cruella escaped from jail.