MARROWSTONE MUSIC FESTIVAL — Here's hoping wanderlust still has you in its grip; this three-week festival is only a ferry ride away, outside Port Townsend at Fort Worden State Park. The Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra may not be the premier music-making organization in America, but all their performances take place in a converted dirigible hanger. Top that, Tanglewood! And the Thursday concerts are free. All plenty of reasons to attend, so is it ungrateful to complain about the same old programming? Things kick off, no charge, remember, with Ravel's Duo for Violin and Cello and unspecified chamber pieces by Bruch. Saturday follows with another chamber concert featuring Britten's Phantasy Quartet, a reduction of Strauss's Till Eulenspiegel, and Mozart's Serenade in B flat. Sunday is Orchestra Night: Beethoven's 6th (well, the setting is pastoral), Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet, and excerpts and brief movements from Haydn (Symphony no. 103), Harold (Zampa's overture), and Smetana (Three Dances from The Battered Bride). McCurdy Pavilion (Sun) and Joseph F. Wheeler Theater (Thurs and Sat), Thurs Aug 5, 8 pm, and Sat & Sun, Aug 7-8, 2 pm, $10/$14, 1-800-733-3608.

SEATTLE SYMPHONY CHORALE — Blessed with two loving parents, my only childhood experience that even comes close to being traumatic was the director of a production of Oliver! ordering me to mouth along, as my singing was awful enough to throw off the rest of the chorus. So as appealing as the idea of a sing-along to Bach's Mass in b is, you won't be hearing me ring out. St. Mark's Cathedral, 1245 10th E, Wed Aug 11, 7 pm, $7, 215-4734.

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