MARROWSTONE MUSIC FESTIVAL -- The Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra concludes this year's summer series with several old favorites, plus just enough unannounced programming to keep things interesting. Today's chamber program balances two formidable shots of Romanticism -- Glinka's Trio Pathetique and Strauss' Romance for Horn and Piano -- with Milhaud's jazzy La Creation du Monde. The August 21 program offers Brahms' Sonatensatz and Dvorák's Piano Quintet, plus a yet-to-be-announced string quartet. Another mystery piece featuring the Marrowstone Concerto Concert Winners highlights the orchestral concert of August 22, sharing the bill with Tchaikovsky ("Pathétique"), excerpts from Fauré and Beethoven (Pélleas and Mélisande's first movement and Symphony No. 5's last movement, respectively), and the West Coast premiere of Bill Wieland's Sanguine. McCurdy Pavilion (Sun Aug 22) and Joseph F. Wheeler Theater (Thurs-Sat Aug 19-21), 1-800-733-3608, $10/$14.


OLYMPIC MUSIC FESTIVAL -- A concert of French music at its most limpid and accessible: Debussy's late masterpiece the Sonata for Cello and Piano, Fauré's charming (an almost redundant adjective) Sonata in A for Violin and Piano, Op. 13, and Ravel's Trio in A for Piano and Strings. Olympic Festival Barn, which is SW of Port Townsend and NE of Quilcene, but you'd better call for directions, 527-8839, Sat-Sun Aug 21-22, 2 pm, $10 for the lawn/$15/$18/$20.

Regional Shows


STATE FLOWERS & CHARLIE BRADSHAW -- 1201 CAFE, 1201 SW 12th St, Portland, OR,, $3.


IMOGENE -- 1201 CAFE, 1201 SW 12th St, Portland, OR,, $5.


MIKE JOHNSON & PETE KREBS -- 1201 CAFE, 1201 SW 12th St, Portland, OR,, $5.

SUNDAY 8/ 22

LISA NEMZO -- LOPEZ CENTER FOR COMMUNITY AND THE ARTS, Lopez Island, WA, 360-468-3881, 4 pm, donation.



THE SOUL FOOD CAFE -- Bring it on: R&B classics as per your request, all night, Mon-Fri. Puts you in the mooooood. KSRB 1150 AM, 7 pm-2 am.


THE LIVE ROOM -- Your host Abe Beeson treats you to local and national indie acts playing live sets, with some interviews. KCMU 90.3 FM, 8-9 pm.


*SOUNDPRINT -- "Crumb On The Run." Comix artist Robert Crumb narrates his travels around California and the Midwest in the 1960s; he visits communes, and analyzes drugs, music, and the burgeoning underground comics scene. KUOW 94.9 FM, 6 pm.

EXPANSIONS -- Acid jazz/triphop mix, hosted by DJs Riz, Nasir, and/or Masa. KCMU 90.3 FM, 8 pm.

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