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Musicians' Resource Directory

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99.9 KISW Rock

"The Rock" is about boobs, beer, and guitars. In that order. Loud & Local airs every Sunday at 11 pm.

104.9 Funky Monkey

Owner of the worst station name in radio, peddler of much local rock and metal in Tacoma.

107.7 The End

Radio-friendly but eclectic catalog of rock. Chris Travis hosts their local music show, The Young & the Restless, Sundays from 8—10 pm.


Nonprofit performers' rights organization pays royalties to members. Registration is free.


Van and backline rental company run by musicians for musicians. Offices in Seattle, San Francisco, L.A., and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Clayton Vomero

Promotes parties and shows as Death of the Party and DJs under the name Pretty Titty.

The Crocodile

Decade-old part bar, part cafe, part showroom, the Croc hosts live music most nights of the week (they're closed Mondays), and books both local and touring acts.

Don't Stop Believin' Records

Local independent label has released CDs and vinyl from the Pharmacy, Your Heart Breaks, and Team Gina, among others.

Easy Street Records

Less High Fidelity and more Empire Records than some of Seattle's smaller independent record stores. Two locations: Lower Queen Anne and West Seattle.

Electrokitty Studios

Melds vintage analog with digital technology. Clients include U2, Brandi Carlile, and the Divorce.

Kevin Suggs

Staff engineer at Avast! Studio and KEXP's in-studio live-performance engineer. Clients include Cat Power, Math and Physics Club, and Smoosh.


Seattle's independent radio station funded by listener support. Local show Audioasis airs every Saturday from 6—9 pm.

Light in the Attic Records

Label specializing in reissues as well as new acts like the Black Angels and the Saturday Knights.

London Bridge Studio

Vintage studio gear with digital or analog options. Clients include Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Daylight Basement.

The Pharmacy

Seattle slop-poppers get into scrapes with local puppies and occasionally fall down deep wells.

Poster Giant

The big guys in Seattle's poster wars, with offices in cities across the country.

Poster Midget

The little guys in the poster wars, based locally.

The Saturday Knights

Party-starting hiphop/rock outfit releasing a record on Light in the Attic this summer.

Shorthand for Epic

Poppy, upbeat dance band is inspired by Arcade Fire, Elvis Costello, and the Pixies, but the outcome is a sound all their own.

Silver Platters

Formerly fringe record store that recently expanded into the old Tower Records by Seattle Center.

Singles Going Steady

Dirty, wonderful Belltown record store on the "Punk Rock Block."

Sonic Boom

Indy record shop with locations in Ballard, Fremont, and Capitol Hill. Look for their releases on Sonic Boom Recordings.

Sub Pop Records

Long-standing label's in-house licensing department lands signed bands on TV, film, and commercials.

Ursula Android

One half of Seattle's Pho Bang drag show with comrade-in-arms Jackie Hell.

Wall of Sound

Record store specializing in obscure music as well as local consignments and major international releases.