To my ex-fiancé: When you and your friends went out stealing, vandalizing, and burglarizing, who would watch out for the cops so you'd be safe? ME, and not once did you see how afraid I was. When I told you I was scared, you'd scream and yell and throw shit at me.

Anything would set you off. When things didn't go your way (like losing at your little computer games), you would throw a tantrum. You'd scream, cry, and break objects just like a fucking two-year-old.

I gave you two years of my life, and you cheated on me with your co-worker while we were still engaged. You said you would marry me, but never bought the ring.

Then when I told you I was pregnant and asked what you'd do if I kept the child, you didn't say "I'll help you" or "I'll take care of you." You said, "Don't keep it. My parents will get angry."

I was such a fool to give up everything for you. I gave you my love and you threw it away. You said you loved me, but it's pretty obvious you only love yourself.

-- Anonymous