What's good? No really, what's good? I know I feel better listening to, thinking about, and talking about the music that I feel falls under that nebulous qualifier. It's when I feel compelled to write about artists outside of that realm that things fall apart, and I selfishly start to resent them for wasting my precious time and for insulting my taste, hearing, sight, touch, sense of smell, and possibly even a psychic "sixth sense." No, I'd rather throw my energy behind what I like, such as Dyme Def's addictive new BeanOne-laced heater "Dizzy Izzy." The Yuk nation, bearing Dyme Def's now young-veteran swagger and the always ill, always b-boy beat/skate/design elements of all things Bean, is one of the best things bubbling in this humble frying pan. Investigate at www.yuktheworld.com.

Also investigate Cloud Nice, including the BadAssYellowBoyz clique, whose members have been dropping solo cuts. Most recently, BAYB's Tat in the Hat aka Nacho Picasso, owner of one of the finest rap names in Seattle, is quietly and confidently going the fuck in right about now with his new album, For the Glory, produced entirely by Blue Sky Black Death. In addition, BSBD's Kingston has lensed some stellar videos for Glory, such as the heavy inkage of "Sweaters" or the Stan Lee swag of "Marvel," which you can find on WorldStar and less mind-numbing websites. Nacho's rap is super-stoney swagged-out and willfully, cartoonishly obnoxious (he delights in likening himself to a Greek god) with deceptively simple/nerdy-clever punch lines. In Glory's best moments, BSBD's menace-from-space soundtracks give Nacho's unchecked vanity some dark gravity. Some say Nacho is supreme, some say he's cheesy, but I think he's just fully loaded. Hit up www.nachopicasso.bandcamp.com for the goods.

While we're just shelling out quality Bandcamp links, let's not neglect Sean Symphony, a local singer you may've heard collaborating with folks like his brother The Good Sin and SOTA, who just released "Dreams," his debut solo track with crafty 10.4 Rog on the boards. You can get yours at www.seansymphony.bandcamp.com.

Last, but least likely to even be considered least is La, whose Sealab 2012 is now available at www.la206.bandcamp.com. Three projects deep, La is cool and consistent, with a heavily '90s-NYC-influenced flow (think vintage Jay-Z or AZ) that still sounds both studied and effortless; like those same '90s NYC rappers, though, his precision suffers when attempting a double-time attack, as he does a couple times here. The production from Jester is low-key, soulful, and varied enough to stay true to La's classic vision while occasionally drawing him somewhat out of his comfort zone. One of Seattle's best in the eyes of himself and others (me included), he still shares the sandbox well with guests like Canary Sing's behind-the-scene maven Hollis Wong-Wear, spit zealot Luck-One, and the Walk Into a Bar duo of Geo and Bambu. It's a fun listen to the end, and hopefully new ears are catching onto La—but if you've been listening this whole time, you might start to feel like you've heard it all before. recommended