Current Spin cover boys and rappers most likely to eat your leftovers, Das Racist, will be chilling tuff at Neumos on Wednesday, November 9, and quite possibly rapping with an as-yet-undetermined degree of preciseness. Don't think too hard about it—they're still a million times better than most of the rap the Black & Mild–stinkin' try-hards rep. DR can skewer rap's mores expertly only because they know and love it so well; it's likely to seem vaguely threatening to your way of life if you're still trying to prove you're down. Their aptly named album Relax, despite what a nation of predictably fickle 'Fork followers say, is better and more fully realized than either of their previous mixtapes. If it slipped your mind, take this chance to get right. With them on this tour: Detroit's son Danny Brown. He's already wooed rap fans with acidic bars and vein-popping intensity, yet seems to find real delight in pissing off true-school dweebs with his tight pants, a Billyburg 'do, and a list of edgy, non-old-dude collaborators. Brown packs a voice as recognizable as Sadat X, along with an almost demonic zeal for examining the most disgusting details of life in this decaying empire; his lyrically on-blast commitment to pharmacological fearlessness has led to folks coining the term "drug rap" seemingly just for him. His latest work, the album XXX, put out by the good folks at Fool's Gold, is like Mia Wallace's line of heroin and shot of adrenaline at the same time. Ooh, he's got an EP coming with Black Milk too!

What do we got, some other shows? Yeah, there's Murs and DC's Tabi Bonney at the Crocodile on Thursday, November 10, plus a four-night Goapele engagement at Jazz Alley starting that same night. Ex–Jurassic 5 frontman Chali 2na hits Nectar on Monday, November 14.

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But it's freezing-ass November—I don't go to shows, not while people suck and the internet runneth the fuck over. I had to download that A$AP Rocky mixtape, LIVELOVEA$AP, of course, and I'm not mad at all. In fact, it's pretty great; it's like the gangsta/almost-mainstream high-water mark of all the weirdo-young'un cloud rap that's been going around. My favorite thing about A$AP and his crew is their blatant '90s fetish—not in the cheesy way, like "DJ Premier, Big L, OMG I'm a virgin," but in their love of Bone Thugs flow, jazzy loops, French braids, and 40s.

Tactown MC Bruce Leroy (+1 for the Last Dragon reference, natch) dropped a most quality EP on Halloween—you know, the night typically designated for slutty outfits and white folks in culturally insensitive getups. To the Death is dark, well-spit, and smart stuff. Go find that on his Bandcamp, and for extra credit (and best results) hit up YouTube for "Stuupid," the 1st Born–laced collab he did with fellow 253-er Gazmo. Tried to told y'all the Tac is steady on the come-up; now everybody, rep proud like you s'posed to, but get off that played-out 206 vs. 253 garbage, okay? recommended

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