How you doin', my name is Louis
First of all, I make stupid music for losers
and beer abusers

Screwups and human sewers.

Think back to the olden days of 2002. Youremember surfing the New Joints on HipHopSite—at like 56 KB/s mind you—and hearing that Lauryn Hill–loopded (I use a word that don't mean nuttin'!) joint by indie-rap supercrew Demigodz? Yeah, "Don't You Even Go There" was my jam, and of course started out with some nice bars from ya boy Louis Logic, who went on to release the critically acclaimed Sin-A-Matic among other projects. Some local rap fans, however, may know him best as the unruly guest on the Let Go's highbrow "Party Crashers" (check for that video), so it's only right that Logic, the Let Go, and Tulsi are all hitting the road on the Bar Hunt Tour this month, kicking it off Thursday, May 7, at High Dive with Waves of the Mind. Safe travels, gents!

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On Saturday, May 9, get nice with Abstract Rude, who's hitting Nectar with his boys from Project Blowed and Haiku d'etat—former Freestyle Fellowship mates Aceyalone and Myka 9. The "Mike, Aaron & Eddie Tour" is celebrating 15 years steady of Project Blowed—damn, I can't think of the last time Myka 9 must have been up here; for as many Blowed/Fellowship heads as I've known out here who relentlessly stan for his signature Coltrane-cadenced schemes, the spot better be packed! Rude himself is finally getting to release his long-awaited album-length collaboration with the G.O.D. Vitamin D, Rejuvenation (not, mind you, the upcoming D.Black record of the same name). "Right at the Pharmacy, recorded at home normally/Of course I'm honored and fortunate to come work with the homie..." Even if you're somehow not an Ab Rude fan, you gotta fuck with a whole album of Vita joints—you can peep the title track from the LP at

Somebody just passed me a CD with a nice handmade block-print cover from All Flags Burn; it didn't work at first (it does now), but I was curious enough that I utilized my renowned internets skills to find their MySpace page, where I discovered a trove of music by the group, which consists of Phreewil (Mind Movers/Sleepwalkers) with Insult2Injury's Leland Jones and Zac Hendrix (also known as Del the Funky Homosapien's DJ). It's hiphop fully of the dusty variety—both in the warm, nose-tickling vinyl grooves and the delirium and psychosis that's said to follow PCP use; the rhymes are well delivered, sharp but still spacey enough to not clash with the constellation funk beats. (Check 'em at www.myspace/allflags.) Vibewise, it evokes a lot of Seattle underground stuff I've heard in the past, except the quality and the composition veer away from the slapdash, and it's plenty weird enough to hold my attention. And I'm all for getting fucking weird—let's do this. recommended