All eyes on the dude Scribes, by far one of the brightest and hardest-working talents of Seattle hiphop's next generation. His album Sleepwalk flew under the radar of a lot of the older gods, but the kids didn't miss a beat (or rhyme), packing out his shows, such as the 206 Stand Up showcase series he's been curating at the Vera Project. So don't snooze on Saturday, May 16, and get to the fourth edition of 206 Stand Up, which is also the CD-release party for his latest, the optimistically titled Summer-time Sampler. There you'll also catch Fatal Lucciauno, Camila, Shankbone, and homegrown B-boy crew BYC.

While we're on the topic of homegrown B-boying, you do realize that this week is the 10-year anniversary of Massive Monkees, right? If that's not the definition of "kind of a big deal," I don't know what is—"10 years... 10 years!" like my man Jeremy Piven in Grosse Pointe Blank. So come celebrate with Seattle's world champions, the men and women who've brought shitloads of reverence and international glory to our lonely corner of the hiphop map. They're getting the fuck down at Evo in Fremont on Saturday, May 16, with DJs DV One, Fever One, and my ace, djbles-One (starting at 6:00 p.m.)—expect crew battles, a footwork competition, ciphers, and $1,500 in cash to be won. Then there's the afterparty at Nectar with an appearance by Bruce Illest and DJing by Rock Steady Crew OGs Crazy Legs and Fever One! Dog, I remember seeing the kids breaking on Franklin High's ground floor—little did I know some of those cats would go on to eventually form the kernel of one of worldwide B-boying's premier brands. Today, I salute chall mufuckas!

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As do I salute the dudes of Dyme Def, currently spreading that 206 gospel wherever they touch down, as they embark on a national tour—and what a tour it is, hitting the road with the Yardfather, Saigon. They're making their Seattle stop at Chop Suey on May 17, with Grynch and Jay Barz helping them pick up the flow. Speaking of, did you see the video for "Pick Up Ya Flow"? Do yourself a favor and catch it—it's on all those cool blogs and whatnot that y'all be checking on: Nah Right, The Fader, Worldstar (ugh), HiphopDx, Raindrop Hustla... ahem.

I also want to send a quick shout to a local rap trio that's in the works to release their next album through Josh Martinez's (of the Chicharones) Canada-based Camobear Records, whose last Seattle-related release was the Gigantics' Die Already. I'm super stoked for the homies, but I'm not gonna spill the beans until they do—I will stick to the basics, however, and say one of their members is apparently already a bona fide rap superstar. Get it right! recommended