Tyler, the Creator's Wolf leaked earlier this week, and if you're like me, you couldn't live with the FOMO, so you YOLO'd. Now the question: Is Wolf good enough that you'll go ahead and pay for it when it goes on sale, just so you can finger the rare artwork? The answer is yes, twerps: Tyler Okonma and his runaway id have redeemed 2011's wildly uneven Goblin—and done justice to 2009's skinned-elbow raw Bastard. None of the territory is new for Tyler—Marshall Mathers's deep angst about family and trust for the opposite sex meets the geeky skate&b of "Frontin'"-ass Pharrell, who notably comes through with the help-out on Tyler's "IFHY." (Erykah Badu and Stereolab's Lætitia Sadier show up too.) Between Tyler's threats on his father's life and those of several LA County peace officers (no Dorner), listeners will find some brief, unspoiled moments of actual tenderness and hints of maturity—albeit peeking through the blinds, scared for their life amidst Wolf's school shootings and emotional terror. Tyler's playing a solo show at Neumos on Wednesday, April 10, which promises to entertain—we all know that Wolf Haley is OF's charismatic cult leader. Hey bros, if you're going, do you already have your outfit planned? Lemme guess: Vans, tall socks, baseball tee, Supreme "box logo" something or other? Fuck it, wear what you want, but don't fake-laugh at Loiter Squad.

Neumos also hosts the great Ghost Deini on the 11th, as Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge head the 12 Reasons to Die tour—Younge made the score for Black Dynamite, but it was his Venice Dawn album on Wax Poetics that sealed the deal for me. TH3RDZ open up. Crazy that the very same night, down at the Croc, Kung Foo Grip are headlining their own show, with Fresh Espresso, Nissim (formally D.Black), Stewart Villain, DJ Swervewon, and your host Mr. 10K, aka Neema. Choose well. Then on the 12th at Neumos, you got the triple release party of Art Vandelay, the MC Type and Griff J.

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Massive Monkees Day 2013 is going down at the Showbox on Saturday, April 13, celebrating 14 years of Soufend-bred global b-boying dominance. As far as the raps: One Be Lo, Nu Era, and Dyme Def are all putting it down for the double-M as well. That same evening, you've got Sam Lachow no doubt shutting the Vera Project down, alongside Raz Simone, Gift Uh Gab, and Dave B., thus firmly securing the young-head vote for the evening. Maybe you caught Lachow's newest "Young Seattle" video featuring Gab, Nacho Picasso, Jarv Dee, La, Raz, and Grynch. Speaking of Grynch, he and big dog Budo are doing a release party for their "Treadin'" single the same day over at the Hilliard's brewery in Ballard with Nu Era's Turtle T—good times! Shit, maybe too many.

On the 14th, Neumos hosts LA's Iamsu! and Problem, who both broke out on E-40's "Function" last year and have a new joint mixtape called Million Dollar Afro. Moor Gang's Jarv Dee plus Jay Morrison, Tre Ross and more open that piece up. recommended