The leaves are underfoot, pumpkins and pumpkin-spice everything are multiplying like seasonal-flavor cockroaches, candy's on sale, On Demand movie-banks and Tumblr dashboards overflow with horror movie imagery. What are you doing for this bastardized, Christianized, and commercialized holiday?

Surely something, right—on the 30th alone, you got LA roach-clippers Earl Sweatshirt and Vince Staples at the Neptune, J. Cole and Wale at the Paramount, and Janelle Monae at Showbox Sodo (niiice clusterfuck!). Depending on your disposition, each of the three headliners could be said to have put out one of the best albums of the year; I am not disposed to make that claim about Cole's slick but personality-deficient Born Sinner, nor to watch Wale perform ever again. (There will be some cool shoes at this show for sure, though.) Janelle's The Electric Lady, though, definitely makes that cut. (It, and the Internet's super-sumptuous audio spa-day Feel Good, are some essential 2013 soul if I ain't said or yeen know.) As for the Neumos show—Earl's Doris is way, way up there on my list of favorite releases of the year, and Vince was a big part of it, so this, like a C.H.U.D.'s latest victim, is a no-brainer for your guy.

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Halloween proper is no less flush with situations to avail yourself of, like the Flavr Blue's Flavr Fright Night at Vera with Don't Talk to the Cops! and Moor Gang's newest, MC/producer Mac Ned. Speaking of the Gang, Nacho Picasso hosts a Halloween Bash at See Sound Lounge in Belltown (the "open-air drug market" from the hilarious Seattle episode of NatGeo's Drugs, Inc.) with DJs Supa Sam and El Grande. Neumos is doing their seventh annual free Halloween Bash (why is it always a 'bash'? Cuz monsters?) with Grynch, the Good Husbands, and a plethora of DJs: 100Proof, Swervewon, Jeff Hank, Nostalgia B, BtwoTimes, and Rad'Em. Rising "white-hop" (I've heard this term from a couple high-ranking music makers of Caucasoid descent) savior Hoodie Allen makes his return to Seattle this night as well with his "Party with Your Friends Tour," now at the Showbox Sodo—and eventually, I'm sure, a bigger room. Hoodie hit my inbox after my last write-up of him, declaring, "Seattle was one of the coolest crowds I've had so far on this tour," which I don't doubt one single bit. With him are your friends OCD: Moosh & Twist, D-Why, and Shelton Harris & Tyler Dopps. I plan on partying with my friends at the Black Weirdo party over at the Lo-Fi, though—I'm hosting—with THEESat's SassyBlack, Shabazz Palaces' Ish and Tendai, and OCnotes DJing, plus Gift Uh Gab and Malitia Malimob performing sets.

Lastly, beastly, far from leastly, is the Pete Rock & CL Smooth Reunion Tour over at the Crocodile on November (yes, November already) the 1st—with support from no less than Camp Lo (not to mention Porter Ray and Supreme La Rock). Do I even have to tell you how crucial and classic this lineup is? Of course I do. recommended