Young people's champ and 2013 Sound Off! winner rapper/producer Dave B—an energetic homegrown hero who'd sound at home alongside Chi-towners Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa with his squawky voice and fun-loving vibes—headlines a naturally all-ages get-down Thursday, March 20, at Nectar that promises a "surprise announcement." With all the local motion going on lately—you're comatose if you still think Seattle isn't on the map or appearing on industry radar—I wonder what it could be. Hopefully you caught Dave's Jake One–produced, Sol-featuring "Boathouse," presumably off of the upcoming The Doughnuts release (preceded by last year's The Coffee EP). Supporting this bill is the stony psych-rapper-producer Key Nyata, who's seemingly drifting further from the Raider Klan and closer to the Moor Gang fam he spends his time with—as well as Sidewalk Chalk and B Durazzo, with Gifted Gab hosting.

Friday the 21st is for the brave, the bold, the sexy (or the hateful, puking douchebags infesting Capitol Hill). Instead of directing you to one of the city's usual venues, I'd instead recommend you lay eyes upon the center of the Southgate Roller Rink, where Murder Dice and Rudy—the tandem known as Slow Dance—will be marking their return, celebrating the release of their sophomore album, Hunks. You'll perhaps recall SD's 2011 debut, Risk It All. While they're a pair of sharp, unpretentious DIY pranksters (remember them accessorizing the Fremont Troll?) and an unbelievable spectacle live—complete with rubber-raft crowd-surfing and a general lack of fucks given for personal safety that rivaled prime-time Buffalo Madonna—on disc, SD's clanging electro-hype still felt late to the third-wave party, a lower-wattage Fresh Espresso. Thankfully, Hunks kills all that snarky, Bud-Light-guzzling ode to 1980s cheesy B-movie excess—while conceptual, it sounds exactly like what they were meant to be doing. Firecracker Rudy's smooth beats are unadorned but seamless, and life-of-the-party Murder Dice's balls-out singing and rapping is the best he's let the world hear to date (and I've been waiting for some definitive material from ol' boy for years). While no knockoff, this is sonically the closest thing Seattle's had to the party-starting greatness of the Saturday Knights since they first put the "Kick Me" sign on Seattle rap's back and lifted its legs aloft for a foamy keg stand. Watch the Dance's video for "Barbizon" and go from there.

Saturday, March 22, you'll find the welcome return of top-tier local rap in the intimate Jewelbox Theater of Belltown's Rendezvous, where from 2008 to 2010, Candidt captained a deeply inclusive and instinctively curated monthly called the Corner. Now you'll find the maiden voyage of Miss Casey Carter's concert series there, with pure-black star power taking the stage: silk-versed street scholar Porter Ray, daddy cool Royce the Choice, and Moor hitter Steezie Nasa. I know that this will be one you will not want to miss.

HBK's IAMSU! is back on Sunday the 23rd at Neumos (goddamn, he must love this town), and the legendary Stop Biting! Tuesday the 25th at Lo-Fi features Theoretics as special guests. I'm not gonna say you can't go wrong following my suggestions, but if you do, it's so on you. recommended