Geologic of the local boys Blue Scholars joins the ranks of Ludacris, Snoop, and Cam'ron as the newest member of the Rapper-Sniped-at-by-Conservative-Talk-Radio club. A big Cactus Album gas face goes to Dan Sytman over at Red State Radio KTTH 770 (also home to the Grand Dragon of haters, Bill O'Reilly), who asked Geo to be a guest on his show on Saturday, December 11. When the MC explained that he couldn't make it down to the 6:00 a.m. program, the host blasted him. Taking a bunch of quotes from a UW Daily interview way out of context, Sytman attempted to inspire far-righteous indignation from his listeners. His by-the-numbers neocon take on hiphop ("an educational process whereby your child learns how to abuse women, abuse drugs, abuse alcohol, have promiscuous sex, assault police officers, and get shot") came as little surprise--although his suggestion that Geo should be sent to a "reeducation program" to be "brainwashed to become a normal person" was more than a little chilling--but likening Geo to DMX's crack-head ass? THAT, my friends, was a comedy tour de force. I doubt even Sytman's 23 listeners could muster any interest in that segment. This mark seems to breathlessly need attention--he even e-mailed the Scholars an MP3 of his tirade. Not quite the FBI vs. NWA, but pretty damn funny nonetheless. Hit up if you want to hear it.

'Aight, so if the fact that Jay-Z--excuse me, Shawn Carter--has become the prez of Def Jam doesn't convince you that homie is pretty nice with his... well, fuck ya, really. The whole favorite-rapper discussion is whatever; this guy has joined the lofty ranks of the check-writers, the fools who really decide what happens in the game. Street's Disciple is tight, but is Nas gonna be taking Donny Ienner's job any time soon? Goddamn, Jay. Keep overchargin' 'em for what they did to the Cold Crush. Fuck what you sayin', Joe and Jane Backpack, this is a special moment, dammit.... Which makes me realize, 2004 was indeed an interesting one in hiphop, nationally and locally... What with 50's reign ('03) giving way to Kanye's... the latest award-show fracas leaving Dr. Dre sucker-punched and Young Buck charged with stabbing someone... Jake One and Vitamin D emerging as much sought-after beatsmiths... ODB's death (ruled as an overdose on coke and prescription pills--a lot of y'all better take heed), not to mention that of Mac Dre's... Seatown hiphop foundation, Source of Labor, calling it quits, and apparently for real this time... Rhymesayers Entertainment making big moves in the NW, signing Vitamin D, Grayskul, and Boom Bap Project. Did I miss anything? Oh, a bunch of great fuckin' music was released... so, as Em said, "Here's a list, there's no order to my list that it's in": De La Soul The Grind Date; Gift of Gab 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up; Madvillain Madvillainy; Nas Street's Disciple; Royce Da 5'9" Death Is Certain; RJD2 Since We Last Spoke; Murs Murs 3:16- The 9th Edition; Kanye West The College Dropout; Ghostface The Pretty Toney Album; the Roots The Tipping Point... Stuff them stockings. Peace, people.


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