This is the number-one rule for your set/In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets

Jay said it--and the older you get, the more truth you may find in it. As this year draws to a close, it's only natural for one to cast a wistful gaze back at this last 365… a crazy bitch if there ever was one. Sigh. Thinking back now, was there anything you woulda done different? I posed this question to a cross-section of this burg's hiphop scene…

• "I regret wasting my Sundays watching Seachicken football." (Jake One)

"I regret the way I handled women in my life." (Vitamin D)

• "I regret my album not coming out when it should have, a year ago." (Karim Panni, Boom Bap Project)

• "I regret playing 'Informer.' Not everyone has the same sense of humor as I do." (DJ Scene)

"I don't regret playing anything, 'cuz it's in the current context…. We live in an age where a lot of pop music is less relevant." (DJ Hi-Jack)

"I regret that the Wednesday night at the EMP isn't going anymore. That was a place I could go and not trip… I met my girl in there! Oh, and I definitely regret ever playing 'Hot in Herre.'" (Sho Nuph)

• "I have a new career focus and will be slowly phasing out my association with Crazy Pinoy and the frontlines of Seattle hiphop. This may be official after the first record under Noc on Wood Records' new distribution deal, set for March 3, 2005. It is the last Seattle-based project I have signed up for. It has always been my goal to assist or work on a commercially viable record or two from this region and then present it to the world. Regretfully, I have been unable to kick anything over the fence other than major-label product at the promotions level. Nothing from Seattle has worked out in my time (10 years). I regret having to give up due to economic and market forces." (Gene Dexter)

• "I try to learn from everything, so I guess I would say I don't have any." (Sam Chesneau)

I myself have never been the regretful type. I think there's a lesson in everything that happens… and truth be known, I had a real good year. I met my girl, I got this gig, my group (Cancer Rising) went overseas, among other things. However, if I had to choose, I suppose it would be not writing enough. I wanted to tackle the mind-fuck that was Encore, I wanted to review this or that, or to interview so-and-so. Oh, and I frequently resisted the urge to plug Cancer Rising (okay, this will be the only time you see me do that)… we're performing with the Blue Scholars and Bad Luk at the Suite G in Fremont this NYE, so come out, fuckers. Okay, so that was undignified. That said, have a beautiful New Year's, y'all, and be well. Peace.

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