"I won't dance/why should I?/I won't dance/how could I?/I won't dance/with an uncoordinated motherfucker like you…"

That's right, Revered Project Blowidian (and unforgettable Blind Date contestant) Busdriver is rocking with 2Mex at Chop Suey in an all-ages rap extravaganza Thursday March 3… rounding out the bill is nimble-tongued Hawaii transplant John Tsunam, Posing as People, Alpha P, Abyssinian Creole, and Cyphalliance. LA indie-rap staple 2Mex, one half of OMD (Of Mexican Descent) dropped a refreshing eponymous solo album last year, besides all his acclaimed work with the Shapeshifters and the Visionaries. Posing as People have been doing it 'round town, often popping up at Foot Traffic, the night formerly at Temple Billiards…and last but certainly not least, MadKrew's Cyphalliance, currently working on the follow-up to 2003's Industreets, are the sublime six-man crew consisting of Khazma 247, El Guananco, Eel Sirrah, Elo, and DJ's HNS and WD4D.

Yo, did you catch the Ego Trip Race-O-Rama series on VH1 this last week? Fucking hilarious, and just as on-point as you'd expect from the same crew that brought you The Book of Rap Lists and The Big Book of Racism, not to mention the greatest hiphop magazine, like, ever. Deconstructing stereotypes and addressing America's #1 obsession (next to money, natch) with wit, honesty, and attitude, the ET crew is bringing ingenious and poignant hiphop-centric entertainment to the idiot box… now, wouldn't you rather watch that than 106th & Park? Uh, don't answer that.

Congrats are due Seattle's 20-year-old Ricky Brown, AKA No Clue, who, pending review, has broken the Guinness World Record for the world's fastest rapper--a distinction first held by Chi-Town cleanup man Twista back in '93. Twista's record was broken the year after by fellow Windy resident Rebel DX, who held it until recently, when Brown, performing in front of a licensed speech therapist, spit 723 syllables in 51 seconds. Check www.nocluemusic.com to peep out his music, which includes a rapid-fire collabo with DPG alum Bad Azz.

A while back, a homie doing security up at Chop Suey passed me his CD No Time to Waste. Hailing from Massachusetts and rapping under the name B.E.N.E.F.I.T. , he skillfully recounts uncut street tales tinged with themes of get-that-money perseverance and introspection (kinda reminiscent of D-Block). His crew pops up on half the tracks and they hold their own on the mic (thankfully, as few things ruin a cut quicker than whack cameos), and though a definite East Coast aesthetic is evident, the production switches up enough to appeal to hardcore rap addicts all over the map. Holla at the big white dude w/golds in his mouth (no, not B-Mello, fool) next time you're up at Chop for a copy, or check www.comparabletonone.com.


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