Two months and 10 miles from the murder of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, an off-duty St. Louis cop working for a private security firm shot 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers 17 times (during a "pedestrian stop"), including the head-shot double-tap that's becoming the signature black-boy finisher of the Missouri pig brigade. Like in the cases of a million other black lives they've ended, the police have gone on to change their story a million times. He started running. He jumped out of the bushes. He had a gun. No—he had a goddamn sandwich. The protests, like the bullshit, have yet to let up—and no, Billy Joel, we ain't start that fire. But it will do a lot more than burn some goddamn flags. Are you listening?

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Burn, baby, burn like disco inferno, sayeth Biggie Smalls. Peep Redskin's homage to the late, great veteran, the Big Red mixtape—the Cabin Games general gives it with gusto over 14 beats that B.I.G. made his. Does Skizzle make them his in turn, you ask? Certainly nowhere near the authority with which Mr. Francis M.H. White did, but who could? For yet more crucial Clinton-era flexing, try the 199Yuk tape, featuring the YukMob, helmed by OG producer BeanOne and featuring Fearce Vill, SEV, Romaro Franceswa, Davey Jones, and Cazsh—and released in conjunction with signature rolling papers (made in collaboration with Krutch).

Classic sounds continue via Porter Ray, Kung Foo Grip, Nu Era, and Romaro Franceswa—playing an all-ages get-down at Hollow Earth Radio in the CD on Wednesday, October 15. Cue the trumpets and pour the Heem, though, as on this same night, the original prodigal son, the king of the sepia-toned golden era himself, Nasty Nas, comes to the Moore Theatre for his Time Is Illmatic tour—celebrating 20 years since Illmatic made him forever a legend in the game. The show will not only feature Nas performing his classic in its entirety—there is a screening of the feature-length documentary on its creation. This evening will surely make more than a few Stans crap their camos—represent, represent! (If you're the rap fan who somehow finds yourself at the Chanel West Coast show at the Crocodile this night, well, it ain't hard to tell.) recommended