The Pharmacy's regular Power Bill night at the War Room is here again on Wednesday, August 24—and this time, Seattle's best hiphop monthly is dedicated exclusively to the ladies. We're talking about real hiphop and raw soul, courtesy of them badass sistas Kylea, Felicia Loud, Piece, and Choklate.


Kylea is the godmother of Seattle hiphop; her strident voice, deft lyricism and certified b-girl pedigree have wowed crowds for years as part of Beyond Reality. Her upcoming album sports some brilliant Bean One production, and Kylea often performs with her prodigiously talented 9-year-old son, Upendo Sellasie, who you mighta caught drumming during the Roots' set at the Sprite Liquid Mix Tour a couple years ago (the kid is ill!).

Felicia Loud's superb soul is filthy as it comes, but she'll always remain in my heart after a tiny li'l show in Olympia some years ago. During a set that rocked the hell out of the few heads present, Ms. Loud turned her high beams on me, intoning, "I think this brother has something to say," prompting the very first time I ever touched a microphone in earnest.

Piece is the celebrated poet/MC/educator, well known for gracing Def Poetry Jam and her own self-titled LP. Jazzy, intelligent, and insightful, she delivers the goods every time.

Choklate's stock is crazily on the rise, from her long-running Jambalaya stint to her scintillating Soul Sessions album and appearances on plenty of dope new hiphop releases. See her now so you can say you saw her then, suckas.

DJ Z-Trip's '02 Uneasy Listening mix was just the sort of thing to play at work to unnerve your boss—casually segueing from "Like a Rhinestone Cowboy" to Newcleus's "Jam on It" is bound to arch an eyebrow or two. Well, Z has a new LP out, Shifting Gears, featuring all-original productions and appearances from Chuck D, Jurassic 5's Soup, and old-school legend Whipper Whip. The DJ will be rocking Neumo's come August 24. Opening up are the revitalized Native Tongue expatriates Black Sheep, so be present to be laced with classics and their oh-so-focused new shit. Gumby fade not required.

What with the dope Seattle Music Fest canceled (damnit), the only free summer festival for new bands is the Eastlake Shake on Saturday, August 20, at TOPS Seward School/Rogers Playfield. This year it features the talents of RA Scion and Optimus Rhyme, among others. Hit up for more info.

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On August 19, check the Premier for Livio's Birthday Bash. The young MC's born day will be celebrated with an all-star affair, featuring performances from the birthday boy himself, labelmate Young Thyn, Byrdie, crate-digger extraordinaire Mr. Supreme, Funkdaddy, Unexpected Arrival, Sonny Bonoho, Crytical, and Desert Dwella. (Having recently released My Life for Sale, Neema of Unexpected Arrival is live and direct at Neumo's August 27, all ages with bar. Also appearing are Livio and Young Thyn, all hosted by KUBE 93's Eric Powers.)

Last but not least, welcome home, Beanie Sigel! Now when will ya B.Coming out here?