The gulliest man in America, AKA the dude who shot notorious Death Row founder Suge Knight on August 28, has so far been described by nothing more specific than "black guy, pink shirt." If dude had killed Suge, I guarantee they wouldn't even know that damn much. Anyway, this pastel pistoleer popped "Simon" in the leg at a Kanye West party in Miami, which was full of the many enemies Knight has made over the years, including Snoop, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Diddy, and The Game. Suge recently blasted all of the above—save Snoop, whom he squashed beef with—in the newest XXL, so tempers definitely coulda been running high. But enough rap beef, "Let's hug it out, bitch." Sorry, had to say it, I fucking love Entourage. Speaking of, didja peep Saigon in his recent guest-starring role? Whoever licenses music for that show knows what's up. How do I get a job like that?

All vinyl heads can now get the Blue Scholars on wiggy-wax; the Scholars's "Freewheelin'/Bruise Brothers/No Rest for the Weary" 12-inch is in stores now. For that matter, if you're a crate digger, or a lover of good music in general, you oughta know that Blue Note Records just released a lovingly compiled retrospective of soul-jazz-funk-disco producers the Mizell Brothers (and yes, there's a relation there—my father Larry and my uncle Fonce). If you've been listening to hiphop for the last 15 years or so, you've heard some of their grooves in recordings by Tribe, 2Pac, Pete Rock, Nas, Main Source, Digable Planets, and De La Soul, just to name a few. Two of my favorite-est producers, Dilla and Madlib, have even done some heavy cover versions of Mizell joints in the last couple years. Pops, cut the check!

On Sunday September 11, you can check Chop Suey for Seattle faves Vinnie Paz and Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind, better known as Jedi Mind Tricks. Philly's über-aggie-indie-rap superstars will be backed up by the apocalyptic apocrypha of Dim Mak. Definitely not for the squeamish kids, it's 'bout to get so obscene in a minute...

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Oh hey, do me a favor and hit and support your Seattle peoples Boom Bap Project, finalists in Scion's NextUp competition. If BBP wins it, they get a chunky marketing budget, a new whip, and a free video... so go give 'em your vote, cuz they rep us well all damn day. I must say, however, that I do think it's pretty wack that Scion cut former finalist, the gifted up and coming Austin, Texas, rapper Bavu Blakes for the lyrics to his cut "Black Gold," which has some lines that are vaguely critical of Bush, the Iraq war, and Texas's death penalty laws. Attention Scion (and all you sometimey rap-hating rap "fans"): If you're gonna support hiphop, cool, then support that shit—bad language, shitty attitude, not-so-mainstream views and all; if you're just trying to earn cool points, or make a buck off yet another demographic, get the hell on with that bullshit. Go sell cars to Faith Hill fans.