So here I am listening to that new Lil Wayne mixtape like it's three years ago and "Prom Queen" never happened. Seriously though, get that No Ceilings shit, DatPiff prowlers. Unless it offends your delicate sensibilities (in which case, go watch your fucking stories, grandpa). Or stop bitching, and do something for the kids: Hit up the Seattle Children's Hospital benefit Symphony of the Superhero over at Benaroya Hall on November 6, featuring your favorite (formerly) hesher-haired maestro Cut Chemist, soundtrack composer Mateo Messina (Juno), and the Northwest Symphony Orchestra. Cultured, right? Feel it.

November 7 is the release party for Larue's Larue or the Streets mixtape at the Vera Project, also featuring Diggz Dime (whose Diggz Dime Iz da Illest tape is also floatin' round here), Quarter After (Justis and Big Tune Seattle champ Marcus D), and Tactown jerk squad Team Avengers (hey, you kids in the funny pants—I ain't mad at y'all, do you!). Haven't heard the quite soulful Larue's tape yet, but hopefully it's up to the standard of leaked single "Footsteps," a "Mercy Mercy Me"– sampling joint chronicling the MC's unexpected fatherhood and the turmoil he felt striving to not leave his child in the same lurch his pops did him. Real shit, real well done.

Rascally Vancouverites Swollen Members are swangin' through Neumos on November 8, finishing out the American leg of their tour, which they've been doing with hometown boys Common Market (shouts to RA and DJ Dev from Above, damnit), Subnoize soldier Big B, and Aussie hiphoppers Bliss N Eso. Hmm, I wonder if motorcycle-enthusiasts Swollen like Sons of Anarchy—cool show.

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Speaking of: Swoony, soulful Swedish electropopsters Little Dragon will be at Nectar on November 10, with awesome support THEESatisfaction (welcome home for now, ladies) and DJ Topspin. That's bound to be all kinds of sweet! On November 11 at El Corazón, you're looking at a tour put together by PacSun, home of the most awesome bro gear! It's packed with mall-emo bands, as to be expected, but it's also an excuse to go see P.O.S. again, just so you know.

You shoulda been known about Caskets and Funeral Homes, the debut from Tacoma's own Second Family, but let me help you out here just this once. The Hilltop-(and Oakland-?) bred duo of Element and NoQuezt blend contrasting vocal tones and styles—the latter's higher-octave bounce meeting the former's beastly lower notes and coldly calculated bars. Skirting synthy mobbery and waterboard G-funk, Caskets has an almost down-South G-lean; I might wanna hear them on some different types of production, but they know what they're doing—and what they don't like, as they riff on tight clothes and store-bought cool (as on the Jay Barz–assisted "Bout a Swag") the way many pick on invisible "sucka MCs." Fuck with your down-south neighbors, Seattle scene—safe to say they got some shit down I-5.

Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.