All that beef shit is wack.—Jay-Z

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I know I should be real excited about Cam'ron dissing Hova, but good God, I'm not. For one thing, Cam's "You Got It" is one of the most anemic disses I've heard since "What's Clef Got to Do with It"; also, despite the massive hype and hipness associated with all things Dip Set, there's simply no way Mr. Giles is hanging with The Carter when the man is focused. If you think otherwise, you're just doing too much blow, ya dig?

Overshadowing all this is the fact that Jay-Z has recently signed his once arch foe Nas to Def Jam. Sure, it's pretty hilarious that one would sign to a label headed by a cat who once told the world that he left condoms on a baby's car seat. Kinda puts that whole battle in perspective once and for all, don't it? That said, rap nerds like myself have to be excited at the prospect of a Nas LP on Def Jam—because it will likely sport the long-awaited collabo between the former rivals, and because it's bound to be better than Nas's last couple albums (which definitely fell into the "ehhh" category). Maybe then everybody will stop bitching about how New York isn't repping anymore!

I just received an advance copy of the Parker Brothaz's Meet the Parkers—and it ain't got shit to do with Mo'Nique or that chick from Celebrity Fit Club, patna. Rather, the Parker Brothaz are none other than Stretch and Eclipse, two St. Louis–born, Federal Way–reared MCs who have already made a heavy name for themselves in the local sphere from their appearances on the Knockout Kings and 253 compilations. The two spitters are in a classic NW vein, combining West Coast savagery with an East Coast punch-line savvy, expertly chiding punk MCs, scheming cats, and scandalous females over the clubbish thump provided by producers J-Hen and Kuddie Mak. The two stand out from the pack, however, because of their strong hookcraft, verses, and their unmistakable sincerity and heart on the mic—they ain't just spittin' to hear themselves rap, dadamean? Standout tracks include the smooth game of "Leon Phelps," the soulful determination of "Death Do Us Part," and the far-too-short rawness of my favorite track, "This Love I Feel." Also, anybody that can flip my favorite Bobby Womack song (check their "Movin On") gets my vote instantly. Keep your goddamn ears peeled, and check 'em out at

Monday, February 6, do not miss out on the power lineup of DJ Roc'phella's "The Solidification"—bringing you "O.G.s, Emcees, Revolutionaries: REAL 'Hoodgrown Hiphop from the NW" live at the Contour, hosted by the Ghetto Prez, featuring the considerable talents of Framework, Silent Lambs Project, and dRED.i. If you're somehow not up to speed on these cats, take a second to slap yourself—now get your ass on down there.

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RIP Wilson Pickett. The greats of soul and R&B are dropping like flies, dog, and what are we left with? Chris Brown? Miss me.