Clipsters and Clipsterettes! Scarf wearers of all ages! The topic of Clipse and the peculiarities of their fan base is well trod in these pages, so I'm going to stick to the real item of interest regarding the Brothers Thornton's performance at Neumo's on Friday, September 7: the long-awaited return of the Gra'ain, the dope local group that features Tilson (that isn't The Saturday Knights).

"By definition, it's something you gotta witness to experience, it's gonna be something," says the man himself. The Gra'ain—comprising Tilson, BB, producer Hampton, Hoodie Bang, and Chavez—are a collective of Seattle-based expats from NYC, Virginia, and whatever mysterious plane of existence my man Tilson hails from. When I last saw them, something like four or so years ago, I was immediately struck by their ill production and boisterous live show; they also had a heaping measure of "swagger" before it became a household word. After establishing a crazy buzz in the town, poof, they disappeared. As to why the long-ass hiatus, Tilson is characteristically vague, stating that "business situations" kept things on hold and a return was always "just a decision away." Officially returning to the fold, Tilson promises that "the subtleties of the different sounds and styles are gonna make people sit up and be like, wow! Hands down, it's gonna be a force. Seattle has not seen these personalities in this situation before. We're gonna hit the stage, and people are really gonna have some fun."

Don't get it twisted—the Gra'ain never split up. "It kinda hurt me when I started seeing 'Tilson, formerly of the Gra'ain' on bills," he says. "Rest assured, we won't be disappearing after this, you're gonna see full representation—I mean the campaign starts now. This conversation doesn't stop here." Whether you're brand-new or you've been waiting to see these dudes rock again for years, I strongly suggest you be in the house.

Seattle's rap superheroes Grayskul are finna hit the road with Atmosphere, but first, they're gonna bless us with an ill CD release party on the day their ridiculous, brand-spank sophomore RSE album, Bloody Radio, drops. It's Tuesday, September 11, at Chop Suey, and an awesome lineup awaits: undercover Seattleite Mr. Lif, Living Legends' Eligh and Luckyiam, the StepCousins, djblesOne, and your host Grieves. It'll be your last chance to see your boy Grieves for a sec, too, as the kid who just got back from tour is heading right back out with the Skul.

Speakin of my dude Bles, him and Big Rob's Graffiti Rock night is still goin strong at Nectar. On Thursday, September 6, you can check the special "Hardcore Composer" edition with Barfly and Suspence from those Saturday Knights, as well as the Physics, AudioPoet and 3rd Child. Come early and peep a special screening of New Jack City! Am I My Brother's Keeper?! recommended