Phew. Glad that's fuckin' over with. What do we call that sweet-ass decade, anyway? The aughts? The zips? Either way, we're here now, with a breathless world full of limitless possibilities; unfettered by the ignorance and darkness of the past, we can make a better tomorrow! Of course there's only two years left, so make it quick.

"It" being, specifically, putting your fucking albums out—and there's already looking to be a deluge of dope releases. In the next quarter, look out for Champagne Champagne, Helladope's Return to Planet Rock, Jake One and Freeway's Stimulus Package, J.Pinder's Sky Is Falling, Dyme Def's Sex Tape, Rik Rude and OC Notes' Metal Chocolates, RA Scion and MTK's Victor Shade project, JFK's loong-awaited Building Wings on the Way Down, Xperience's William the VIII, EvergreenOne and Todd Sykes's Milk on Wax, Neema's The Essence (sheah right!), plus new shit from Eclipse from the Parker Brothaz, Clockwork (and a Lace Cadence solo), Onry Ozzborn, the Let Go, Canary Sing, State of the Artist, and Kung Foo Grip. Word is another Avatar Young Blaze tape or two are in the works, as well as the return of Byrdie. Not sure when they're arriving, but I for one eagerly await the EP by Spaceman and Suspence (formerly of the Saturday Knights), and the next record by Fatal Lucciauno. To answer the question none of you asked—expect new stuff from They Live!, Cancer Rising, Nite Owls, and more.

Grynch and the Physics stay in the lab grinding, so I anticipate some killer new material from both of them soon; Khingz and GodSpeed as the Hi-Life Sound System; think there should be a record from Black Stax pretty soon, plus LaRue... Hopefully there'll be some new music from Mic Phenom, Language ArtsHarlem and Mike Mack even? Yes, there's plenty more, and only so much room in this motherfucker. Let's see, WWF-core electro squad Truckasauras will be dropping another LP soon—look for some local MCs on that. Furthermore, I forecast a crazy amount of cross-genre collaboration in the local sphere. You can definitely also expect regular free leaks from those who have been on their leak-grind, such as Dyme Def, Cloud Nice, THEESatisfaction, SOTA, new jacks Brothers from Another—so stay on top of the legion of blogs dedicated to local shit.

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Expect the media takeover to continue, too. Shouts to Andrew Matson at the Times, Hollis Wong-Wear at the Weekly, Todd Hamm at City Arts, and everybody writing a blog or grinding out reviews online: I see you. Also: If you feel the local media isn't about your movement, make your own. It is 2010, right? On the radio side, you of course got Sunday Night Sound Session and Street Sounds every Sunday, but don't sleep on the homies on the Saturday shift holding it down—J-Tyme over at 94.5 from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. and Khazm, Sean Malik, and WD4D on Zulu Radio on 91.3 from 10:00 p.m. to midnight.

And there's still so much I left out—but do you see my point? If you're an artist, get motivated or get left; and if you're a fan, get excited and get your money out! recommended