There's so much going on in our fair city—it's impossible to keep on top of it all, but it's a good feeling just knowing that it's that active. Nonetheless, if I forget to get a mention of your show in here, forgive me, but also keep in mind this column isn't meant to be a comprehensive show calendar. Who the fuck wants to read that (besides show promoters of course)?

That said, how about a show? The Corner is going down on February 26 at the Rendezvous, with Seatown/Chi-towners Dark Time Sunshine (readying their second album, Vessel, already), Sol (whose Haiti benefit at Neumos packed the house weeks ago), J.Bre (whose mixtape More Than Music is out now), and Olympians Night Fox (winners of the Weekly Volcano's 2009 Best New Hiphop Artist). As host Candidt would tell you, POW.

Also that evening, down at 88 Keys in Pioneer Square, you got the album release for Full Circle, the new album from local producer RC Tha Trackaholiq. RC aka Ryan Croone has been making tracks for local artists for almost two decades, lacing tracks for hella cats: Squeek Nutty Bug, Nut Case, Self Tightld, Page One, DMS, Gangsta Nutt, Scumlife, No Good, Skuntdunanna, 151, Rees, D.Black, Duranged Pitt, Sarkastik, and Fatal Lucciauno to name more than a few. He's also dropped a couple compilations on his own, such as 2002's When It Rains and 2005's Still Rainin', stacking tracks from many of the artists he's built with—and with Full Circle, he underlines that connection between several strong branches of this 206 hiphop family tree: himself.

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Full Circle kicks off with the title track, no less than a reunion cut from Onry Ozzborn, Pale Soul, and Sleep, aka Seattle's Oracle's Creed, one of the two groups that formed the original nucleus of NW massive Oldominion (the other being Portland's FrontLine). There's a hefty slab of legendary NW talent checking in on this disc, from Tacoma's Criminal Nation OG General Wojack and DMS's way-dope Dee.aLe to ferocious 206 Zulu rep Silver Shadow D. The younger generation and Sportn' Life Records are well represented between D.Black's "The Hustle" and Fatal Lucciauno's stellar cut "Diamonds." The ladies are shining here as well, with Piece and Lady Tasz's scrappy "It's Official," Tiffany Wilson's respect-or-chin-check "Your Panties Are Showin'," and Felicia Loud's (of Black Stax) seriously gorgeous "This Right Here," one of the best tracks here.

Being a compilation, Full Circle has some skippable tracks—and some uneven mixes for that matter—but it's a very solid, illuminating volume of town talent that should rightly be flipping the covers off of plenty sleepyheads throughout the Puget Sound. Run down to 88 Keys this Friday and hear it live and direct-like, with Phat Muzik's DJ Peg, killer live funk from Goody Bagg, host Sweeng One, a slew of guest vocalists from the LP running down selections, and special guests Squeek Nutty Bug and the Parker Brothaz. (BTW, have you heard "Keep Knockin," "Still Parker Brothaz," or anything from the PB's new mixtape, The Ladies Man & the Bosses Boss? Well you'd better hit up and get that shit like yesterday.) recommended