After two years of action, the monthly hiphop showcase at the Rendezvous known as The Corner is ending (Fri March 26 with Black Stax, Q-Dot, Brotha Brown, Lisa Dank, and DJ Mr. Hill). "We all raised it, birthed it, and now it's time for it to fade away," says Corner founder-host Candidt. "The Corner put on over 100 acts, and I gave a big chunk of myself to the hiphop and music scene. I'm just one man, and it takes a lot to maintain. The last thing I want to do is hand it down and have it be half-ass. I don't wanna retire like Bill Cartwright; I wanna retire like Kareem, with the cigar and the million in the briefcase. I gotta lot of music ventures coming up; it's time to close a chapter and open up some new ones."

These new chapters include his latest record, Sweatsuit & Churchshoes; an upcoming group album from Oldominion (the NW supercrew of which he's a part); the THE3RD (a supergroup whose membership I can't divulge); and live band Soulmate. But let it be known that Candidt has been at this shit for a hot minute. His "hood classic" debut, Dookiebraid Soul, dropped in 1996; it's a fly collection of slick talk and street tales every bit as bottom-heavy as cats tend to like 'em (pardon my stereotypin'). "Dizo" spent time biscuit-sopping up that game like so much gravy from cats like Tacoma boss Wojack, recording with drummer extraordinaire Davee C, DMS, Ghetto Children, T-Love, Byrdie, Grayskul, Brotha Brown (Candidt's actual brother), his old band Molimo (where I first saw Candidt's vision of "Bboy Soul"), and he popped up on the classic Sportn' Life Compilation Volume 1.

With this wealth of experience and one of the slickest shows in the local sphere (real talk), Candidt is now nearing completion of Sweatsuit & Churchshoes, delayed after a studio break-in cost him and a dozen others a year's-plus worth of work. The album is laced with bangers such as the local favorite "Voodoo," but Candidt's real prize is the Tay Sean– produced "Imaginary Stereo," an addictive slice of aqueous boogie funk.

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Also popping off: the CD release of Graves's Contrary to Popular Belief. After the dry runs of 2007's Section Hate and 2008's The Cost of Living, Graves is at his claustrophobic, dense, anxiety-racked, who's-that-looking-through-my-Comcast-high-speed best yet. Steady hex-throwing and symbol-jamming right back at our corporate overlords, he still sees the promotional opportunity of having a free iPhone app (hit up Wed-nesday, March 31, at Nectar is his CD release with RA Scion, fellow Black Lab-ber Jewels Hunter, XPerience, AudioPoet, Nathan Wolfe, and DJ 100Proof.

Last but so far from least it'd make your head spin and pop off, Blue Scholars are doing two nights at the Showbox at the Market this weekend (Fri–Sat March 26–27), with a gang of dope talent backing them up both nights, including Common Market, the Physics, Macklemore, DV One, Bambu, and more. Take your vitamins. recommended