Love and light, party people—can we start it off with a big RIP to the loved/hated visionary punk impresario Malcolm McLaren? Sure we can. Like a few others from that set (the Clash come to mind), McLaren also helped spread the hiphop gospel in his time—Google Duck Rock or use the YouTube machine to peep the "Buffalo Gals" video. He did more for the most revolutionary musics of the last couple decades than most.

Speaking of dues paid, on April 15 there's a lifetime achievement award event going down at the Rendezvous for Tacoma's generalissimo, Criminal Nationalist, and Nastymix survivor Wojack. Candidt and XP (both 'bout to release some fire albums—Sweatsuit & Churchshoes and William the 8th, respectively) along with the Tac's BlockRepper DoughKain (who's on that new mixtape from producer BoomBox Massacre) open the show, and Josh Rizeberg hosts. Slap on some of that classic Where Ya Goin Wo? and get in the proper mind-state. Speaking of, Rize to the Berg just dropped his A Word to the Wize LP, a more rap-centric effort than his debut, Spoken Worlds. However, his delivery's still too spoken word (which, to my understanding, he's a bit of a vet at) to flow right; as a result, every guest MC (Suntonio Bandanaz, DoughKain, Rajnii) featured on the album outshines him. The best and most effective moment, to me, is the lilting spoken track "Of the Soul" (and here's a little confession: I can't really stand spoken word—but I could listen to this), guest-starring Leah Rizeberg.

It was really just a few months ago that Dark Time Sunshine put out Believeyoume— and they're already back with a new full-length called Vessel. Cape Cowen and Zavala have honed their airy, eerie Dario Argento–hop vibe even more ("just some elevator music while you chasin' them Fleet Foxes") and added some female vocalists to dim the lights even more. The DTS CD release for Vessel goes down at Neumos on April 16 with Jake One spinning a set of his own hits, plus Mash Hall, Helladope, Oly's Night Fox, and DJ Swervewon—and your host with the most (hats ever) Tilson.

There's a fuck-ton of new local music you need to be up on, and there are way more rappers in need of hugs and encouragement than I have space. So I'll tell you to check for that Spaceman Greetings Earthlings mixtape (, that slapping Victor Shade LP (www.rascion .com), a whole record of Dyme Def B-sides including the new BeanOne-laced cut "The People" (, a new EP from Graves (, and a whole new LP from the Let Go (www.thelet Those are all good, and most of them can be yours for free.

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Speaking of... April 20 was a popular date, and it still is—celebrate your heathen ways with a free show at Nectar featuring Clockwork, Tha Stahi Bros, Lisa Dank, the Good Sin, DJ Swervewon, and special guests—and yes, it's hosted by Mash Hall. Please come there and talk to me about your project (reverse psychology).

Lastly, on April 21, pop into the most swanky HG Lodge—what used to be the War Room—and catch L.A.'s street sweeper the Alchemist spinning tunes, joined by PDX beast DJ Wicked and no less a host than Oh No, he of that Stones Throw set. recommended