You know what I hate? Who gives a fuck. I say focus on what makes you happy, like the sun in the sky, your loved ones, and E-40. Revenue Retrievin' represents Earl Stevens's first music released through an indie (namely Heavy on the Grind, a new label headed by his son, MC/producer Droop-E) in 17 years—since The Mail Man was first released, peyimp. It's a huge fucking double album, with over 19 tracks on both Day Shift and Night Shift, plus 42 more songs (not making this up), ringtones, a T-shirt, and 100 grams of uranium (I made that up) if you buy it at FYE. Who the fuck else but Charlie Hustle? Trying to stay ahead of the double-album blues, I started backward with Night Shift and it became immediately clear that Earl has thankfully about-faced on the mostly not-good direction of his last two albums. The Revenue LPs are packed with heavy, belligerent, drunk-stepdad slap. They're bloated, but 40 Water gives you plenty to love on here—it's the kind of devotion to giving fans their money's worth that Master P had in his heyday (not that I think he was doing anybody favors by making a ton of music, but that's another story). Run and go give him your money, please.

Wondering who else needs your hard-earned as well? Pay attention, crumbcrushers. Sportn' Life's young gun SK and Tacoma go-getter John Crown have been clicking up, doing work, you know, gettin' it, and they're gonna be rocking the Swiss out in the Tac on April 22. Logics, Fatal Lucciauno, Spaceman, and DJ Slimrock are holding it down there as well. On April 23, there's the State of the Artist CD release for their debut LP, SeattleCaliFragilistic-ExtraHellaDopeNess, going down at swanky Pravda Studios, with appearances from album guests Fresh Espresso, Cloud Nice, Grynch, Katie Kate, Xperience, OC Notes, Thig Natural, Lace Cadence, Candidt, Sol, Kung Foo Grip, and Hi-Life Soundsystem to name more than a few; go get the album and the limited T-shirt and all that jazz.

Also April 23 is the kickoff of Cafe Society, a new dance party/female-artist-focused monthly at Sole Repair started by two badass ladies, Jen from Sportn' Life and my lady Sarah (just wouldn't be complete without another conflict of interest); MC/singer Dice and SnL's chanteuse Marissa perform, and no less than the mayor himself, my man Jonny Merlot, is on the 1s and 2s—grown and sexy please apply. But young'uns take note, because on April 24, New York's perennially about-to-drop mixtape vet Red Cafe hits the Vera Project, along with Logics, Dyme Def, (talented recent Portland transplant) Luck One, Quarter After (whose LP G Between Us is out now), SK, and more.

But you deserve to get something on the house—try and download DJ/producer WD4D's Post-Hyphy Romanticrunk, a quick EP of dubsteppish remixes of local ladies Choklate, Lisa Dank, and Canary Sing (along with the respective instrumentals). Keep all these remixes coming, y'all! The remix of Choko's "The Tea" is the math, so get it in your life like humility and perspective. Holler at me later. recommended