Ryan Lewis

Oh hai, haters, didn't see you there—your Lilliputian landlord, local rapper Grynch, is coming through to collect his back rent from all those parked up on his nuts. On May 6, he's throwing a show at Neumos and has invited pals D.Black and Sol along to rock, and the master Vitamin D to DJ. (Quiet as kept—shhh—I'll be your hirsute host, and Grynch made me promise not to clown him too bad.) The show is called "Dollar Bill, Y'all," so go study hard and figure out how much it'll set you back to get in. Hopefully you saw that Stephan Gray–directed video for Grynch's "My Volvo," already clocking some 20K views online.

May 7 is a big one, too, with the king of these young fashion-forward spitters, Chi-Town homie Lupe Fiasco, bringing his Steppin' Laser tour to the Showbox Sodo. Last time I saw him at Bumbershoot, he crushed like a master vintner, stomping out mind grapes in custom kicks—enough so to make me forgive dude for bungling the whole VH1 Hip Hop Honors Tribe Called Quest tribute thing, or at least for failing to execute a decent PR dismount from it. I only bring it up because cats are still mad about it! Grudges are a bitch—listen to Vita and let that shit go, you'll live longer. Trust.

Also trust me on this: You must go see Diamond District at Chop Suey on May 9. The crew from the DMV (D.C.-Maryland-Virginia), anchored by the beats and rhymes of underrated genius Oddisee, dropped one of the best hiphop LPs in a minute with In the Ruff, which was officially released in October. I compel you not to miss this exercise in rawness, with Vitamin D, Canary Sing, Language Arts (go get his and Def Dee's Gravity for free at www.la206.bandcamp.com!), and DJ Topspin setting the stage.

Just got hold of the State of the Artist LP SeattleCaliFragilisticExtraHellaDopeness, in stores now. Every one of the 15 tracks features some of the town's best and brightest: Fresh Espresso, Helladope, J.Pinder, THEESatisfaction, Candidt, Lace Cadence, Thig Natural, GMK, and Champagne Champagne are just a few of the towndren repping. The varied production stays lively (and in a few cases, outstanding), and the town-love movement feels as genuine as it is sales savvy. It's a crispy crystallization of this Kodak moment in local rap (shouts to party monsters Members Only for putting it out), connecting dots between scene vets and newer crews like Gran Rapids and Kung Foo Grip. The classic vibe of "You Know Girls" with Sol and "Say Say" with its slinky DJ100Proof track, cocky Grynch verse, and crazy no-really-is-that-Bilal R&B hook courtesy of Xperience are just a couple favorites. The SOTA MCs themselves—Young TH, Parker Joe, and Hyphen8d—bubble accordingly and handle theirs, though admittedly in descending order of fluency, with TH setting the bar. I heard better crew chemistry on their Hank Moody EP, where they didn't seem to have as much to prove and weren't crowded out by a phalanx of local all-stars—but SeaCal is still a slick, summer-ready debut that hella crews, new and old, would give up a year's weed budget to put out. So keep it lit. recommended