Perennial Seattle favorites the Coup are at Nectar on Friday, February 8 (I expect a lot of Fremont Afro envy toward Boots Riley), with opening guests American Hero (that's the 206 expat Ayinde Howell) and Orbitron. You—like more than a few from here to Korea, Germany, and France—may know Orb as no less than a world-class b-boy, a cornerstone of the Circle of Fire and SoulShifters crews. Those familiar with his excellent work on the 2006 Dirty Scientifix project also know that Orb possesses a flow just as agile as his celebrated footwork. Orbitron's official debut album, B-Boy Universal, makes that even plainer.

Produced entirely by his BeaconSkillz partner Big Zo, the deeply fonky break-heavy production (peep the Black Moon West Coast retrofit on "Soul Swimmin'") keeps Orb the MC rooted in the foundation as he lyrically goes above the clouds. Abstract, optimistic, and spiritual, Orbitron evokes the (up)lifted vibe of Fresh Coast underground from years past without ever sounding like a retread. If you can dig, I'm a big supporter of this latest generation of homegrown b-boys makin' with the freak freak (such as Fidget or Bruce Illest)—go cop B-Boy Universal (in stores and online) and you probably will be, too.

On Sunday, February 10, Wizdom is headlining a show of local up-and-comers over at Chop Suey with Life Cycle, Tulsi, Tac-Town's Can-U, and Night Crawlers. Wiz is currently hard at work on his next album, featuring production by D.C.'s Epidemmik and guest spots from the Physics' Thig Natural, Grynch, and New Balance (you know, #81—Nate Burleson), among others. That same night will also bring you some mind-bending techniques in the form of the Hard Sell Tour featuring three titans of turntable iconoclasm, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, and Kid Koala, who will surely be freaking people out and generally warping space-time around the vicinity of the Showbox at the Market. What manner of weirdness lies at First Avenue and Pike Street that night? Only one way to find out, true believer.

But let's talk about Tuesday, February 12, that blessed night the Showbox at the Market will be playing host to one of music's greatest treasures, the incomparable Wyclef Jean. Yes, yes, y'all, the visionary who dipped Canibus in silver body paint will be strutting the Showbox stage draped, perhaps, in a Haitian flag, snowy white linens, or maybe that fetching leather Lakers football jersey he sported on Making the Band. I just hope he's not wearing a frown after recently being implicated as a steroid user, along with 50 Cent (classic 'roid rager), Timbaland (still has hot-dog neck), and Mary J. Blige (she do kinda have big legs—don't kill me, ladies). What, what, say what, say what, anything can happen! recommended