Peace to them Chilean miners, who Twittered me to say that the only thing that gave them the will to survive was my weekly column about local rap shows and bullshit. I'm here to help—and to enjoy the occasional conflict of interest.

Such as this one: the "No Frills" show on Friday, October 22, at the Hard Rock featuring Mash Hall, Helladope, Candidt, Spaceman, Luck-One, and DJ Radjaw. I'm sure you'd agree it's a dope bill even if my crew were cut from that roster (or maybe you'd say it's dope in spite of our presence). Helladope (it's one word, y'all) have been a li'l bit low-key since their album's release, but rest assured their next shit will smack, especially seeing as Tay Sean is one of the illest motherfuckers in town, period. (Now can we get Kingdom Crumbs, Tay?) Make sure you catch the excellent Luck-One, too, and download his True Theory Outtakes collection at; True Theory is due next month. Radjaw's punk ass has got something coming, too, as Mad Rad are this close to dropping their sophomore release, The Youth Die Young.

But fuck all that, man, 'cause Big Boi—yes, OutKast Big Boi—is coming here as part of City Arts Fest on Saturday, October 23, and he put out possibly my album of the year (yeah, I've had to start thinking about that useless best-of list, too). I know it's sexier to ignore a vet in lieu of blogger-approved fresh faces like Big K.R.I.T. and Yelawolf (who are both dope), but they're not Antwan mufuckin Patton (okay, Yela definitely got bwah on their collaboration, but I'm talking big picture here). Also, Big Boi is still a part of arguably (and it might not even be a real heated argument) the best rap group ever. Opening up this show at Showbox Sodo are Neema, Fatal Lucciauno, and DJ Swervewon—that's a good look.

Yooo—obsessive Dilla stans and all noncorny fans should make sure to hit Nectar on Monday, October 25, to see a couple guys who were real close to the man and his legacy: his little brother Illa J and his dude Frank Nitt. (I'm hoping Frank can somehow do his half of Frank & Dank's "Pause," an incredible song that has nothing to do with the idiotic homophobe interjection that you should stop using—you're a grown-ass man.) Get some of that D-twah flavor and honor one of the very best to ever do it.

Okay, so this sounds cool—your boy DJ Shadow performing an audiovisual feast of the senses at Showbox at the Market on Tuesday, October 26, from within a giant goddamn 3-D "Shadowsphere," which sounds like a SyFy original movie. Shadow will be performing "classic material" and new shit; I have little hope he will play anything from his generally reviled (but much appreciated by me) dip into the harsh sounds of hyphy and crunk that was The Outsider.

Lastly, Janelle Monáe is backing up Of Montreal at the Paramount on Wednesday, October 27. But if your ducats are low, hit the Rendezvous and see upstarts the GNU Deal, plus Fro Magnum Man, Endr Won, and OL Small. Drink a Rainier, the official shitty rap beer of the Northwest. recommended