Yeeee! When the Bay is in the house, omigod... Fuck ya Timberlands, cuddie, the Fresh Coast tour is in town! Bringing two sides of today's Yay Area coin, this tour has Zion-I and Mistah FAB at Chop Suey on Thursday, March 20, which also features J.Pinder, Scribes, and DJ Sean Cee. The last we heard from Zion-I was the '06 LP with Grouch, Heroes in the City of Dope—but last year they also dropped the Japan-only (you Amurrikins can cop it from iTunes) Break a Dawn. The man they call Fabby Davis Jr. is still waiting to drop his major label debut, Da Yellow Bus Rydah, on Atlantic. Peace to the majors, among others, for fucking up the hyphy movement, but he's always into somethin' like Dre... Mac Dre that is. Just peep FAB's most recent indie album, Da Baydestrian, and his appearance on the new Snoop Dogg single, "Life of the Party."

Let's also not forget FAB's recent battle with Royce Da 5'9". C'mon—no contest. I fuck with FAB, but Royce is one of the baaaddest mufuckas with a Shure and has been for years. In good news for veteran Royce fans like myself, sounds like he and Eminem's cold war has finally ended after six years. NOW CAN WE PLEASE GET A BAD MEETS EVIL RECORD?

On Friday, March 21, the Vera Project hosts "Stop the Madness," a benefit for the family of Chris Chandler, a Kirkland teen who was murdered last year. RIP. The show features D.Black, Grynch, GMK, Neema, LJ, A.K. and B Heezy, Logics and Street Academy, and the Parker Brothaz. That same evening, the Illegitimate Children (Grieves, Type, and DJ Swerveone)—fresh off their latest Midwest tour (Grieves is headin' right back out with his boy, Rhymesayer Mac Lethal)—hit the High Dive with Rudy and the Rhetoric and Pyrate Radio.

The next night at Nectar, there's a big ol' Big World Breaks bro-down featuring Khingz, Isabella Du Graf, Jerm, Delrico, B-Boy Fidget, Clockwork's Miguel Rockwell on the decks, as well as DJ Collage... all hosted by Laced Up reps Godspeed and my dude Cassius... not to mention the open circles with members of Massive Monkees, BYC, and Fraggle Rock Crew! If you remember the all-star BWB band selling out their James Brown tribute show last year (or killing it with Blue Scholars at the Program), you might wanna get tickets early! Nectar is right back at it on Tuesday, March 25, with the BeaconSkillz crew bringing y'all Dimmak, Orbitron, Yirim Seck, and reknowned SeaTown party-rocka Soul One, along with a one-on-one B-Boy battle for a $250 prize. Bring it.

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Last week at SXSW, no-longer-funkin' Ice Cube and DJ Pooh announced their partnership with Microsoft to bring us UVNTV, the first streaming online TV network. One day, history will tell us which was the illest Cube/Pooh brainchild: UVNTV, Death Certificate... or Friday. Man, that's a tough one. recommended

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