So I know you're already planning on seeing you some Bun B on Friday, April 4, but the real story is who's opening up for this Dyme Def–hosted shindig: none other than D.Black (currently goin' hard in the studio) and Framework. That's right, true believers, ya boy Framework rocking the Neumo's stage. Frame's 2005 album, Hello World, was an indisputable local classic (shit, the ads for it at the time even said that)—a nerves-of-steel South End street opera over some of BeanOne's finest production to date.

A lot of people say it's the best 206-hop album to drop, like, EVER. Sadly, a lot of y'all mufuckas are gonna just have to take my word for it, 'cause sorry doggie, you can't find that album ANYWHERE. And hell no, you same mufuckas cannot borrow my copy. After the release of Hello, Frame unfortunately had to say good-bye for a while. Eventually, he popped back up, did a couple of shows, then—poof!—MIA again. But for months he's been rumored to be working on some hard-hitting new music. Well, now you'll be able to hear what dude's been up to all this time, and, shit, if it's really your day, you might be able to get your hands on his coveted debut LP. Oh, in the meanwhile, if you want to hear that new new, hit up the man's MySpace ( Ooh wee!

Sunday, April 6, head to High Dive and get your face melted Raiders of the Lost Ark–style by the psycho sonics of Oldominion reps Pale Soul and Dimmak. MC/producer Pale is one of the Owl's secret weapons and his 2003 Stuck Records debut album, Fear Is the Mind Killer, showed exactly why: weapons-grade beats and rhymes. Pale performances come once in a blue moon, so all Ol-D heads take notice!

Dimmak is no less potent—anchored by North Czar's razor-meet-jugular beats and Bishop I's apocalyptic Teflon-mic braggadocio, Dimmak's dark street-corner-guerilla vibe when onstage is rowdy, rowdy like Master P used to say. Go peep two cuts from Dimmak's long-awaited The Metra LP at and tell me I'm wrong. The show is rounded out by Abadawn, Séance, and Chev, who you might've seen onstage with Common Market at Bumbershoot tearing it down.

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Last but certainly not least, your required viewing for the week. No, not The Bad Girls Club, fool, the new video for "Ready for We" by the Physics. Directed by Marty Martin and Zia Mohajerjasbi, it's looking real official. Also in the land of Real Official is the new video for the Saturday Knights' monster jam "Motorin'"! If you wanna see it, and you do, go to, register, and vote for it in the "Music Video" and "10 Minutes or Less" categories. If you vote and they win, "TSK will personally come to your house and hug your mother for longer than seems comfortable." Awww! Just in time for Mother's Day! recommended