Hiphop Ya Don't Stop Belltown is ringing like a gotdamn Jehovah's Witness on Friday, June 27; within a two-block radius, you've got two very serious shows for your consideration. Truth is, you don't have to choose—with minimal effort, you can do both, chief. I believe in you.

At the McLeod Residence (a funky li'l art space at 2209 Second Ave), if you dip upstairs you'll be treated to PHIZZ, the free monthly put on by the good folks from Champagne Champagne. Picture a punk-rock house party for b-boys. This month's edition features mackin'-ass Macklemore (if you missed his b-day show last week, you blew it), the maniacal Murder Dice, and ineffable Spaceman. You better know about my dude Space—he's a beast with swag to go, and a damn energetic performer. Surely you've heard this Sportn' Lifer rock the anthemic "Fly Den a Mufucka," and you might have even done the dance that goes with it. Space hooked my ears when he spit, "You'll get burned more than Get Rich or Die Tryin'" on Fatal Lucciauno's fucking brilliant The Only Forgotten Son LP. Go check it out, drink a Pabst, drink a Dewar's, shake it off.

Then, literally a block from the McLeod at the good ol' Rendezvous on the same night is the third edition of one of my favorite nights in a while, the Corner. Put on by the one and only Candidt, the Corner harks back to the basement parties you probably never even went to—the ultimate in-yr-face party-rocking from some of the city's top talent, in an intimate, interactive space. The Rainier's cold, the sound is cracking (big ups to my man Ariel), and the crowd cuts loose. It really gets no better. This edition features the rhymes of Onry Ozzborn, Grieves, Rudy and the Rhetoric, and Project Mayhem's beast Inkubiz. All of these cats have upcoming projects, and new sets full of fresh-baked local heat you ain't heard yet. Mark my words: If you sleep on the Corner, you're a fucking bum. Think about it.

Tuesday, July 1, at Nectar is the CD release for The Unknown, the debut LP from Eugene, Oregon's Animal Farm, with PDX's own world-class battle MC Illmaculate, Tulsi, and b-boy ultimate Orbitron. If you're not hip, Animal Farm keep a true-school aesthetic with a feel-good tilt to their brim. Different flows; warm, bumping production; great hooks; and fresh trade-offs separate the Farm from the pack. And their own Hanif Wondir has a genetic imperative to rock, being the younger brother of Boom Bap Project's own toastmaster Karim aka Nightclubber Lang. He features on the crushing "Hollywood Squares"—and he ain't talking about Shadoe Stevens, chief.

Last but not least, the Saturday Knights' Mingle is in stores. Do yourself a favor. It's the best thing you could do for yourself this summer outside of getting some sun. Damn, you pasty! recommended