I know most of you are going to check the record release for Common Market's Tobacco Road at Neumo's on September 11, but you should know there's also some hiphop up the road at Chop Suey. The Stars & Stripes show features D.Black, Spaceman, People$ (with Alto and R.O.B.), and DJ Evil Twin Bros. I'm sure I've used this space to enthuse about my man Space before, but after seeing him burn down The Corner at the Rendezvous a couple of weeks ago, I've got to pump the level of my advocacy up to a fever pitch. In English: Spaceman murdered shit. The star quality he brags so well about is more apparent than ever—and, better still, instead of letting his considerable swag do all the talking, he brings dope music to the show (sounds like he's going real hard in the studio right now) and rocks a crowd with authority, confidently roving stage and crowd like the ravenous young gun he is. Hungry-as-hell and humble-for-real are a rare combo and a big up to rappers that aren't assholes! When Jake One's once-in-a-lifetime, Halley's Comet of a heatrock, White Van Music, drops on Rhymesayers on October 7, among the wealth of music that'll flip your wig like Alicia Sacramone is "Big Homie Style," featuring J.Pinder, GMK, and Space—who effortlessly steals the show, the afterparty, and the hotel with lines like, "My name's Space, you gotta look up to me." Yeah boy—the final frontier is here, now run ya shit!

There was a lot of shape-of-things-to-come type shit at The Corner, actually—lemme just run it down for those who slept. You had doughnut-eating champ and king shit-talker Billy the Fridge performing all the way live, impressing a lot of heads with a profane charisma most serious rappers couldn't buy with daddy's checkbook—not to mention clowning cats in the audience like there was no tomorrow. There was Black Aries—a new group consisting of LaRue and Yirim Seck. Those two MCs make sense together on paper, onstage, and soon on your digital music player! They ripped through a raucous set that included a silk-smooth steel-drum joint courtesy of Vitamin D. No matter your astrological persuasion—ahem—you'll be feeling these cats soon enough. Then there was Fresh Espresso, the future shock of Rik Rude and P Smoov. I may not be in love with Smoov's other project, Mad Rad, but that 'spresso is a stimulating brew. I've had their demo for a minute—Rik's saucy, art-damaged gentleman flow is savage over Smoov's afterparty bounce, and P himself is a nice complement on the vocals; it's rugged but breezy smooth, experimental yet official, bugged-out but deceptively subtle. I predict a real ill album from these two, hopefully by the end of this year.

Speaking of, lemme send a shout to all my Alaskan babymamas—Obama '08, skeezers! recommended