First off, I want to send some love out to DJ Vadim, the prolific DJ/producer known for his intensely layered instrumental work (my favorite: 1999's USSR: Life from the Other Side) and most recently for the beats for hiphop group One Self. A few weeks ago, Vadim (and his wife and collaborator Yarah Bravo) announced via MySpace blog that he'd developed ocular melanoma, a rare cancer of the eye. It looks like since then, Vadim underwent surgery in London to remove the cancer and is recovering. Hella-much love to Vadim, Yarah, and their whole family during this time!

Hey, bros—did you catch Entourage the other night? Did you notice anything strange—like say, the Saturday Knights' "Motorin'" playing during some good ol' Ari Gold fuckery? Well, me neither, I missed it. But according to HBO, that's what went down. "I cried tears of satisfied fury," saith Barfly. Well, wouldn't you? That's a good look for Seattle's keynote maniacs. If you have a yen to see 'em live and direct, check 'em on October 16 at Neumos in a hoity-toity invite-only jump-off with local rock savages the Cops! If you want in, e-mail now, I mean like now and shit!

I'm probably missing that show, though; that evening, Cancer Rising are doing the thing-thing in my very favorite locale, glorious Pioneer Square! CR will be rocking at the historic J&M Cafe alongside the prolific Mr. Onry Ozzborn, he of that monstrous Gigantics Die Already LP, as well as local Waterflow-er Tulsi. Choose your poison.

Or choose some medicine! October 18 at the Vera Project brings a nutritious and delicious lineup topped off by my man D.Black, alongside Bambu (formerly of L.A.'s Native Guns, fool), Khingz, Kore Ionz, and Nam! This is Nam's first gig since getting back from a stint in Vietnam recently, a great chance to hear joints from Khingz's upcoming heater From Slaveships to Spaceships, and your best bet to hear Bambu perform his dope new solo material (Exact Change, in stores now!). D.Black, of course, is making the best music of his life right now, as evidenced by "God Like," the stunning track from Jake One's early Christmas present to the world, White Van Music. Take my word for it—Black's next record is going to surpass your expectations.

Matter of fact, you can expect a lot of good shows this season, so get your yapers up. On October 19, Rhymesayers' resident badass Psalm One will be at Nectar with Longshot, Abadawn, Sadistik, and Alexipharmic on the backup. That same night, Hill-billies are treated to "The Burn" at Neumos, a B-boy/B-girl jam featuring globetrotting master MC One Be Lo. On October 21, High Dive hosts the CD's own D Menace along with G.T.S, Mega Man, S Dubb, A.T.G, and I can't forget my dudes I Gang, whose Welcome to B-Town is required listening, especially if you're planning a trip to Bremerton anytime soon! recommended