This just in: B-boys are officially makin' with the freak-freak—800LB and our own world-beating, South End–repping Massive Monkees crew are going all out with a shindig to end 'em all on November 1 at the historic Paramount Theatre, called Crash Test. Basically the best B-boys from around the everlovin' globe are going to be in one place, showing and proving in two-on-two battles. Just peep: Rivers (Korea), Tsunami All Stars (Brazil), Ghost Dogz (Finland/Netherlands), Skill Methodz (Miami), Knuckleheadz (Cali), Flo Mo (Finland), Boogie Bratz (NYC/L.A.), Circle of Fire (SEA), and of course Massive.

But maybe you don't fuck with that "breakdance shit." Maybe you're too busy maintaining your fresh, getting your swag right, or whatever you kids call it—in that case, you definitely wanna be in the house. Fader cover boy, LRG- sponsored Decatur dynamo B.o.B. is gonna be in the house, and if you never heard his mixtape with Mick Boogie, Hi! My Name Is B.o.B., go find that, stat. Out of the whole crop of fashion-forward young rap cats currently creeping into hipster DJ sets, B.o.B. is definitely near the top of my list, with a superwitty, rubber-ball flow and bugged sense of humor. Maybe you heard him on the monstrous Ludacris-featuring hit "On Top of the World" by fellow Georgia-based acronym T.I. (Paper Trail in stores now, shaawty!). B.o.B. is also in the awesomely named Ham Squad with Playboy Tre, another very dope rapper from Decatur, whom I've mentioned before for his genius Goodbye America mixtape and his frequent collaboration with our dude, what's that called, Sonny Bonoho!

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But wait! There's more! L.A.'s Pacific Division are also performing. I know you like that! Like B.o.B., Pac Div stand out from the more personality-free street-wear mannequins out there with actual dope music. They had me from the almost Pharcyde-esque "Women Problems" and have continued to sneak dope shit into my iPod since. In fact, Pac Div kind of remind me of another sick group I've written about here a few times—Dyme Def, who are also going to be rocking at the Paramount that night, along with that badass Big World Breaks, DV One, djblesOne, and Soul Uno, with the Saturday Knights' Tilson as your dapper host.

Of course, if your LoJack won't let you leave the Capitol Hill area, you should hit the Devin the Dude show at Neumos that night instead (I still wouldn't tell your PO though). He's rocking with his Coughee Brothaz, the aforementioned Sonny Bonoho, Swag, and my dude DJ Nphared. I haven't peeped Devin's Landing Gear yet, but I'm gonna go buy it regardless—unlike most chronic potheads, the Dude simply never disappoints. Neither do fellow big-chiefers Redman and Method Man, who are going to Blackout! at Showbox Sodo November 5 along with Evidence, the Alchemist, and Termanology! Goddamn, I'm high just from writing about it—and high on America. Real America, mind you. Vote goddamnit! Let's do this! recommended