Come Saturday, September 23, Neumo's will be hosting the wax meditations of DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill, or 7A3 if you know the Colors soundtrack. Sure bet he'll be spinning plenty of mashups (of "local bands and more," apparently—can we get a Wojack/Young Fresh Fellows joint?), seeing as he's been doing "Mashup Mondays" on Shade 45 for some time now, in addition to dropping a few mash tapes by himself and with L.A.'s DJ Warrior.

Muggs's Angeles Records has got a monster fittin' to drop with Urban Survival Syndrome, the sophomore LP from San Diego beast Mitchy Slick. This is some new-millennium, West Coast gangsta shit; Mitchy has that perfect snarling Cali twang and is laced with some chronically cracking production from Muggs, Alchemist, and others. The leaked tracks "Mitchy Slick" and "Bass Chasers" have his name ringing bells like Quasimodo (not Madlib)... If you doubt Slick's pedigree—or missed him opening for DJ Quik awhile back, ahem—you must cop his 2005 street album, Mitchy Duz It, where he slaughters an array of classic West beats (from Low Profile to "Nothin' but the Cavi Hit"). I swear to god, y'all, if you get a hold of that joint you will thank me.

While we're speaking about this Fresh Coast of ours, take a second and log onto and cast your vote for local legend DJ B-Mello, as he's been rightfully nominated as West Coast DJ of the Year. You ain't gotta register or nothing, just take a sec and give this 206 original his due; his resumé speaks (volumes) for itself. I know it would be nice for Mello to get that title while he's maxing in the Dominican Republic next month for The Power Summit. While you're at it, hit the spot and cop his and DJ Scene's TI vs. Luda tape, 'cause it's seriously crazy; I might have to give it to TI just on the strength of Ludacris's terrible "Money Maker" single—and his new R&B look is just not the biz.

You, my friend, have a plethora of hot rappity-rap to indulge in this week; try to keep up. Thursday, September 21, you'll wanna be at the Rainbow for the (21+) CD release of Oldominion's own, Smoke. Not just one of Ol-D's premier talents on the mic, Smoke is an in-demand producer—maybe you remember his win at Big Tune awhile back—and has at long last released his long-awaited debut set, Bleed. The show will also feature Debaser, Macklemore, and Ol-D's Azrael. Friday, September 22, you have a couple good choices: Chop Suey has our friends Pigeon John, Busdriver, Akrobatik, and Caural; the High Dive hosts the Saturday Knights, Cancer Rising, Tennis Pro, and the Beantown electro-party-rap pyrotechniques of Big Digits. Lastly, on Sunday, September 24, Chop Suey features the moody indie-hop soul of Alias & Tarsier. I will overcome my allergy to Anticon-related shit and say A&T are pretty dope. Don't snooze.

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